Camping in Rovinj – Best Camping Sites in Rovinj

Rovinj is a very popular destination among campers from all over the world. A good road connection, wonderful nature and a pleasantly warm sea attract many tourists to numerous campsites in Rovinj and the surrounding area.

Rovinj Croatia Camping Sites

In the Rovinj area there are 12 camping sites featuring pitches that can accommodate from 30 up to 5000 persons in total.

Usually camping sites in Rovinj are situated on attractive locations near by the sea offering their guests an amazing camping experience.

For guests who are in search for more comfort, many camping grounds in Rovinj feature mobile homes & glamping tents – from standard to real luxury ones.


Best Camping Sites in Rovinj – Comparison table

If You have no time to explore the entire camping accommodation offer, here are our favorite camping sites in Rovinj, Croatia!


5 Best Camping sites in Rovinj Croatia

1│Camping Amarin

Distanced only three kilometers from the city of Rovinj, Camp Amarin include 800 units that can accommodate up to 2400 people. The camping site is a part of the popular tourist resort in Rovinj – Amarin Resort and features rocky & sandy beaches.

2│Camping Polari

Located in a beautiful bay with the clearest sea in the Adriatic, featuring over 2000 units and stone and paved beach. Camping Polari features a large pool complex, bars, restaurants and a wide selection of outdoor and sport activities.

3│Camping Valdaliso

Situated on the green peninsula just a few minutes from the center of Rovinj, Camp Valdaliso include over 330 units (990 people), 26 mobile homes and a kilometer-long beach.

4│Camping Mon Perin

Recently renewed, the Mon Perin campsite is situated in the vicinity of the town of Bale near Rovinj and features a 9 kilometers long beach offering an unforgettable camping experience. The Mon Perin camping site features 750 pitches and 150 mobile homes.

5│Camping Val Saline

Camping Val Saline is a 4 stars camping site located in Val Saline bay near Rovinj. The camp can accommodate up to 1257 persons and features a kilometer long pebble beach and a great selection of outdoor activities.


Rovinj Camping Guide

Camping Mon Paradis Rovinj

Camping Mon Paradis Rovinj

Camping Mon Paradis is 2-stars (**) familly runned mini camp, located in Veštar bay – distanced only 4 km from town of Rovinj (Croatia). The camp is shaded with hundred-years old olive trees and beneath it, there is a sandy beach appropriate for small children. The Mon Paradis camping site was founded in 1994. and features 5500 square meters with 48 camping pitches that can accommodate 140 persons in total. There are a restaurant and a small shop 200 meters from the camping site. The camping site also features a children playground and boat berths.

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Camping Porton Biondi Rovinj

Porton Biondi Camping Rovinj Croatia
Porton Biondi Camping in Rovinj Croatia

Camp Porton Biondi is a 3-stars (***) campsite located 700 meters northern of the city of Rovinj. The location of the camp is very attractive –  it is shaded by thick pine woods and include a pebble beach with paved parts. The camping site Potron Biondi stretches over 7 hectares with the accommodation capacity of 1000-1200 persons – almost ideal for a peacefull and relaxing vacation. The campsite features a shop, electricity, restaurant, beach bar and many sport facilities. There is modern sanitary block adapted for disabled guests.

Camp Facilities: Sanitary/washrooms, toilettes for disabled, washbasins for washing clothes, washing basins (cold/warm), place for ironing, shower (cold/warm), sinks for dishes, chemical toilete and washing machine.

Sport and recreation facilities: children playground, ground sports and walking and jogging trails.

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Camping Amarin Rovinj

Amarin Camping Rovinj Croatia
Amarin Camping in Rovinj Croatia

Camp Amarin is 3-stars (***) campsite located approximately 4 km north of Rovinj town centre. The camp can accommodate 2000 persons and features 800 camping units with power connections and a kilometer long sandy and partially stoned beach. Its situated on the camping area of 9 hectares partially shaded with olive and pine trees.
The camp Amarin features many bars, restaurants and recreational facilities like: table tennis, tennis, tennis school, mini-golf, darts, beach volley, volleyball, beach canoes and boats, basketball, small-sided soccer, bicycle hire, scooters, garden chess, boccia, hire of paddle boats, motor and sport boats, windsurf, aqua scooter, banana, tire, paragliding, water skiing, diving with a diving school and free of charge: track and aquagan. There are 13 sanitary blocks and one is adapted for disabled persons.

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Camping Veštar Rovinj

Veštar Camping in Rovinj Croatia
Veštar Camping in Rovinj Croatia

Camp Veštar is a 4-stars (****) camping site situated 5 kilometers south of Rovinj. This modern camp features 563 camping units with the total capacity of 2100 persons spreaded on an area of 15 hectares.
The camp is located just in front of a 1.5 kilometers long beach awarded with a Blue flag and its made of fine pebbles and sand. A part of the beach is reserved for naturists. The camp features rent a boat, pedal boats, canoes as well as various entertaining and sport contents. There is a restaurant, a supermarket, snack bar, pizzeria and a buffet. The camp has organized animation and fun program with dance and music for adults and kids. Sanitary facilities are well equipped with all modern facilities such as shower (cold/warm), toilettes for disabled, shower cabin, washing cabin, washing machine, washing basins (cold/warm), washbasins for washing clothes, place for ironing, chemical toilete and sinks for dishes. Camp Vestar is a excellent camping resort for spending exciting summertime moments.

Sport and recreation facilities include: fitness, children playground, walking and jogging trails, ground sports, bicycle tours, water sports.

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Camping Valdaliso Rovinj

Camping Valdaliso Rovinj Croatia
Camping Valdaliso in Rovinj Croatia

Camp Valdaliso is situated four kilometers north of city of Rovinj (Croatia) and features 1.5 km long rocky beach, 26 mobile homes and 330 camping units for 990 persons. The camping site has a large number of facilities such as bathroom facilities, bathroom facilities for the disabled, various entertainment, children’s beach and playgrounds, market, restaurants, bars, shuttle bus and taxi boat to Rovinj. From sport facilities camping site Valdaliso offers football, courts for tennis, volleyball, scuba dive, fitness, running paths, boccia, billiards and pinball machine. Pets are not allowed!

Camp Facilities: Sanitary/washrooms, shower (cold/warm), washing basins (cold/warm), washbasins for washing clothes and sinks for dishes.

Sport and recreation facilities: bicycle tours, water sports, trim-track, children playground, walking and jogging trails, ground sports and fitness.

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Camping Polari Rovinj

Camping Polari Rovinj Croatia
Camping Polari in Rovinj Croatia

Camp Polari is a three star camp, located 3 kilometers southern of the town of Rovinj – on the western coast of Istrian peninsula. Stretching on an area of 62 hectares, the camping site Polari can accommodate 4900 persons and has 2000 units with electrical connections. The camp features large number of amenities such as sanitary facilities for the disabled, swimming pools, supermarket, fish restaurant, restaurant, snack bar, aperitif bar, pub, car wash, various sport contents, internet point, dog showers, separate cabins, camper-parking, a children’s beach and children’s playgrounds. The beach beneath the camp is rocky, partly paved and recently awarded with a Blue flag. In the camp there are numerous sports facilities like water sports, trim-track, fitness, ground sports, aerobic, bicycle tours and more.
Hidden in a picturesque bay ansd surrounded by the endless blue sea, camp Polari offers a perfect vacation destination. This Maistras camp was recognized as one of the best croatian camping sites.

Facilities/services: restaurants, bars, exchange office, grocery shop, discoteque/clubs, Internet, electricity, bicycle rental, markets, phone, kiosk/newsstand, lifeguards and parking.

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Naturist camping Valalta Rovinj

Naturist Camping Rovinj Croatia
Naturist Camping Valalta in Rovinj Croatia

Camp Valalta is a 3-stars (***) naturist camping site located on the west coast of the Istrian peninsula, near the town of Rovinj. Situated along the 5 km long sandy beach, the Valalta camping site features a large number of accommodation units in arranged bungalows, apartments, mobile homes and caravans. In the camp you can find restaurants, bars, shops, ambulance and numerous sports facilities such as football, basketball, mini golf, bowling, aerobic and water sports. The camping zone offers a large number of pitches with electricity and water, arranged sanitary facilities like bathrooms, toilets, toilettes for disabled, chemical toilets, shower cabins, baby-changing station and spaces for washing loundry and dishes. Concert evenings and numerous other live-music/ entertainment programs are organized daily on the main terrace of the camp bar. In the camping area there is a nautical marina featuring 200 boat berths.

Camping accommodation: camping pitches, apartments, bungalows, mobile homes, tents and caravan.

Facilities/services: phone, bars, Internet, lifeguards, markets, discoteque/clubs, restaurants, fridge boxes, exchange office, bicycle rental, nautical marina and fast food.

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Camping Mon Perin

Camping Mon Perin Rovinj Croatia
Camping Mon Perin in Rovinj Croatia

Camping Mon Perin is situated on the Istrian west coast, just a few kilometers from a town of Bale near Rovinj, Croatia. The camping site features nine kilometers long beach well know as an archaeological site of „Histriasaurusa boscarollija“ – a species of dinosaur older than 200 million years which remains are found in 1992. and are available to see at the Dinosaur Museum in Bale.
Camping Mon Perin near Rovinj features 900 accommodation units: 750 camping pitches and 150 mobile homes. The camping site offers an autochthonous ambient with lots a facilities like: free wireless Internet acces, free aqua park, free entrance at Paleo Park with swimming pools and free transportation from  the town of Bale to the camping site using the touristic train. There is also a „Fresh Market“ – a huge garden with planted vegetables and fruits, which is completely free for all the camp’s guests. In fact, during a every guest can pick up whatever you want and prepare a tasty, and healthy meal from a fresh vegetables.
Camping Mon Perin is an ideal place for active vacation activities such as running, long walking near the sea. You can also enjoy a stunning sunset while relaxing in the shade of old pine trees.

Camping Mon Perin accommodation (pitches and mobile homes)

Mon Perin Camping pitches

As mentioned before, the camping site offers 750 camping pitches selected in 4 different categories:

Premium Mare Pitch

Premium Mare Pitch features 150 square meters of camping area with ensured electricty and water connections. The pitches are located just in front of the seaside and are ideal for a relaxing holiday experience near by the sea.

Premium Pitch

With 150 square meters of camping area, the Premium Pitch features an electricty and water connections. These pitches are located at the waterfront and offer a nice and calm holiday near by the sea.

Comfort Plus Pitch
As it name suggests, the Comfort Plus Pitches offer up to 150 square meters of camping area for a pleasant and comfortable vacation stay. These pitches offer water /electricty connections and are located in the vicinity of the sea.

Comfort Pitch
Located near by the sea and surrounded by old pine trees, the Comfort Pitches feature 150 square meters of camping area and are equipped with water and electricty connections.

Camping Mon Perin restaurants and bars

There are 2 beach bars and 3 restaurants in the Camping Mon Perin: Porto Bus, San Pol and Mol Picio.

Porto Bus Restaurant
The newest restaurant in the camping site – Porto Bus offers a wide selection of gluten-free and vegetarian dishes based on fresh vegetables & fruits grown in the Fresh Market garden. The restaurant features a large outdoor terrace near by the sea and its great for families with kids. The working hours are: 11am to 10 pm.

Restaurant San Pol
Situated just a few meters from the sea, the Restaurant San Pol features traditional Istrian and Italian dishes, as well pizzas and grilled fish or meat. The drink menu include a wide selection of Istrian grappas, liqueurs and cocktails. Enjoy Your favorite meal while watching one of the best sunsets in the world. The restaurant working hours is from 11am to 10 pm.

Mol Picio
Furnished in modern style and with a spacious terrace in the straight vicinity of the sea, Restaurant Mol Picio features fish and meat dishes, as well fine soups made of vegetables grown at Fresh Market of Mon Perin camping. You can find a wide selection of local Istrian wines on the menu. If You are looking for a enjoyable place for a fammily lunch or a romatnic dinner for two, Mol Picio restaurant is the right place. The restaurant opens at 8 am and works till 10 pm.

Beach Bar Babaloo & Mulini
There are two beach bars in Mon Perin camping site: Babaloo and Mulini.
Babaloo bar is located in San Polo area, while the Mulini bar is in Colone area. Both beach bars respresent a nice place to start a day with a breakfast or end a day whith a nice dinner. They also offer a wide selection of drinks and simple dishes like sandwiches, snacks, fruits, ice cream and waffles.
Babaloo beach bar works from 8 am to 12 pm. Mulini bar works from 9 am to 9 pm.

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Camping Ulika

Camping Ulika Rovinj Croatia
Camping Ulika in Rovinj Croatia

Camping Ulika is a small, family runned four stars (****) camping site situated only 3 kilometers from Rovinj and just 600 meters from the beach. The concept of this camp is not focused on family vacation but its ideal for individulas and couples who love gourment, relax, cycling and nature. For such reason there is no children playgrounds and other kids facilities. As it name suggests, the word „ulika“ in Croatian language means olive – beacuse the camp is situated on a former olive field. The camp is opened from March till Jaunuary. There are sanitary facilities with showers and wash basins and some of them are suited for disabled persons. You can also use a loundry washing spot to wash your clothes, too. Camping Ulika in Rovinj also include an outdoor pool, a great family restaurant which offers great domestic food and an olive oil tasting room featuring premium extravergine olive oils.

Camping Ulika accommodation (pitches, bungalows – mobile homes)

Ulika campin site can accommodate 123 persons and offers accommodation on 20 camping pitches, 12 mobile homes and the new constructed B & B suites (bungalows).

Camping Pitches
There are 20 camping pithces for tents, campers, caravans and 8 pitches for Ulika camping annual guests. Each camping plot has an area of 70-100 square meters with electricty connection and some plots have a water connection, also. The pitches are covered with gravel, surrounded by olive trees and divided with hedge. Most of the plots are situated in the tree shade throught the day.

Mobile Homes
Beside the camping pitches, Ulika camping offers 2 “Comfort” Mobile Homes for 3 persons max. Each mobile home features air conditioning, fully furnished kitchen, bathroom with shower, equipped terrace with seats and sunbeds and a parking spot. Towels and bed linen are included in the price. There is a wirleess Internet connection access free of charge.
B&B Rooms
For couples who likes comfort and staying in nature, there are 10 B&B Rooms and 2 of them are pet friendly. B & B rooms are infact a mobile homes (Adria X-line type ) for 2 person max. and feature a small kitchen, bathroom with a shower, furnished terrace, fenced garden, air conditioning and a parking spot. Wireless Internet connection access is included in the price.

Ulika Camp Restaurants & Bars

Near the camping there is a Barba Danilo Restaurant – a great family owned restaurant featuring Mediterranean gastronomy combined with wide selection of local Istrian wines. The camping guests have the possibility to taste an extraordinary extravergine olive oils in the camping olive oil tasting room. If You need a breakfast, the camp personnel will take care of that.

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Camping Val Vidal

Camping Val Vidal in Rovinj Croatia

Camping Val Vidal is situated in the Veštar Bay, only 4 kilometers from the city of Rovinj, Croatia. The camp has an area of 8300 square meters and features 32 camping pitches suited for 110 persons in total. The guests can use sanitary & wc facilities, enjoy in the bar and grill area. Almost every night there are organized music events. Camping Val Vidal has an outstanding position – its located just 80 meters from the sea and represent an ideal spot for bicycle tours beacuse of the many bike trails in the surroundings. Near by the camping there is the Palud ornithological reserve well know for birdwatching and preserved nature. In the camping area there is bar offering a wide selection of drinks and ice creams.

Camping Val Vidal accommodation (pitches)

Val Vidal camping features 32 large camping pitches and each camping pitch lays on a hard, red istrian soil surrounded by olives, wild oaks, junipers and hack-berries. Depending of the facilities, the camp is divided into 8 pitche zones offering pitches from 90-170m2. In the camping site You can find a children playground featuring a sand pit for kids, a recreation and relax zone. 28 pitches include electricity and fresh water while 4 pitches offer electricity, fresh water and sewage. The Internet wireless access coverage is 80%.
Other facilities include four sanitary blocks, four showers, one toilet for the disabeled persons, two washing cabin, three hot water washbasin dishes/laundry, one washing machine, one dog washing area and one discharge for chemical WC.

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Camping Val Saline

Val Saline Camping Rovinj Croatia
Val Saline Camping in Rovinj Croatia

Camping Val Saline is a 4-stars (****) camping located in a Val Saline bay, 6 kilometers north of Rovinj, Croatia. The camp covers an area of 11,7 ha and can accommodate up to 1257 persons in total. There is a beautifull, almost 1 kilometer long pebble beach beach streching all along the campside offering different sizes of pitches situated near by the sea. This camp provides maximum comfort and has many facilities like spacious pitches with water, power and drainage connections, harbour for small boats, numerous toilet and sanitary facilities, restaurant, bars, pools, shops and active vacation – sports amenities. In the camping area pets are not allowed. For relaxation, the camping guests can use a Spa&Wellness zone with finnish and infrared sauna, turkish steam bath and a  terrace with whirlpool. Beside the listed general facilities, Camping Val Saline features additional facilities like bike rental, washing machine, atms, wireless intenet access, car washing point…

Camping Val Saline accommodation (pitches & mobile homes)

Camping Pitches

Depending of the size, position and technical facilities, there are 5 different types of camping picthes:

STANDARD camping place
Located 400 meters from the sea the Standard Camping place covers an area of 80 – 120 square meters for 1 caravan/ tent and a children’s tent 3×2 m and include electricty connection. Each camping place is divided by a natural green fence.

COMFORT pitches
Comfort pitches include an area sized from 90 to 140 sqaure meters and feature drainage-water and electricity connection. All picthes are located between the pool/laguna and camp reception, marked and divided by a natural green fence.

PREMIUM pitches
Situated from 50 to 100 meters from the seaside, the Premium Pitches feature electrity, drainage and water connection. Each pitch include an area of 90 to 140 square meters, marked with numbers and surrounded with a green natural fence.

LUXURY MARE pitches offer a camping space from 90 to 140 square meters with water, electricty and drainage connection. This pitches are located at the waterfront and are marked with numbers.

Sized from 90-140 square meters, the Prestige mare super pitches offer an superb „first row from the sea“ accommodation. Each pitch is marked and surrounded with natural green fence and has an electricity connection.

Prestige mare super pitches are located in the first from the sea and feature an area of 90-140 square meters with electricity, water and drainage connection. Each pitch is marked with number and divided by natural green fence.

Mobile homes

For guests searching for extra commodity the Val Saline mobile homes are an ideal choice. Depending of the mobile home size and equippment, the camp offers 3 different types of fully furnished and comfortable mobile homes:
Mobile Home C2 – for 3 persons max. and 26 square meters of area.
Mobile Home C4 – for 4 persons max. and 30 square meters of area.
Mobile Home Comfort – for 6 persons max. and 35 square meters of area.

Camping Val Saline Restaurants & Bars

For guests in search for gastronomic pleasures and a relaxing holiday, Camping Val Saline offers a restaurant and 2 bars.

Restaurant Saline
Featuring an outstanding sea view, the Restaurant Saline offers a great variety of traditional & modern dishes made of fresh local ingradients. On a daily menu offer You can find seafood and fish, meat specialities, pasta and pizza made from a wood stove. Beside the rich food menu, the restaurant features a wide selection of local Istrian wines, cocktails and craft beers.

Beach Bar
Situated in the vicinity of the pool, the beach bar is an ideal place to spend a relaxing morning or afternoon while drinking a cup of coffee or a favorite drink. The beach bar also features a wide selection of food such as grilled meat with potatoes, salads and different types of sandwiches.

Caffe Bar Saline
Caffe bar Saline is situated at the entrance to the camping Val Saline, in the vicinity of the camp reception. The bar offers a wide selection of hot and cold drinks as well crafted beers. There is a daily offer of fresh made pastries and croissants, too.

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Camping Oaza

Oaza Camping Rovinj Croatia
Oaza Camping in Rovinj Croatia

Camping Oaza is a small family runned 3-stars (***) camping site located a few kilometers from Rovinj, in the vicinity of Polari Camping. This camping place features an area of 4000 square meters and can accommodate 30 persons in total. In the camp there is just 1 large natural no-fenced pitch. The Oaza camping facilities include camping places for rent, mobile homes, tents & caravans for hire, public telephone, washing area, toilets / showers, free bike rental, restaurant-grill, bakery kiosk and fruit vegetable stand. The sea is only 400 meters from the camping site.

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