Rovinj Travel Guide (2021. Updated)

Situated on the north Adriatic Sea, Rovinj is a popular tourist destination for those visiting beautiful Croatia. A busy fishing port, Rovinj is on the west coast of the Istrian peninsula and enjoys a sunny, Mediterranean climate. The coastline is stunning and the Rovinj Archipelago includes 22 islets scattered like jewels upon the sea.

Rovinj Travel Guide

The cityscape of Rovinj is one of the most picturesque architectural ensembles on the Adriatic and is determined by buildings from the Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassic period.

Rovinj is a traveler’s dream. The city boasts a historic center, stunning beaches, and an unbeatable nightlife. Visitors of the city often leave saying that it is easily one of the most beautiful cities on the Adriatic Sea.

In the narrow streets there is lively activity. Rovinj captivates with its southern charm and creates a perfect holiday atmosphere . The city is excellently developed for tourists and accommodations of all categories offer a cozy home away from home.

Did You know that Rovinj is called „the Blue Pearl of the Adriatic coast“.

What attracts and impresses certainly any intentional or casual tourist is surely the Rovinj Old part of town. Once built on an island that was connected to the mainland in 1763. – first with wooden bridges and later with stone bridges. In the upper part of town there is the church of Santa Euphemia – the symbol and patron of the city. The church tower is 58 meters high and from the top you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Rovinj archipelago on one side,  and surroundings of Rovinj on the other.

The well preserved fishing tradition, the unspoiled countryside and the careful development of modern tourism – this is the shortest description of Rovinj, the town always worth rediscovering.

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Rovinj Quick Info

Rovinj population

According to the 2011 census Rovinj has 14.367 inhabitants and it is ranked 16th by the surface and on the 3rd place by the number of inhabitants in the County of Istria. The city area borderlands with Vrsar, Sveti Lovrec, Kanfanar and Bale municipalities. In Rovinj there are 5046 households and 8221 residential units, out of which 5473 (67%) are residential flats.

Rovinj area

The Rovinj area is located in the central part of the western coast of the peninsula of Istria and stretches along the coast in the northwest-southeast direction in the length of about 14 km, and 10 km towards the interior. The town of Rovinj is an integral part of the so-called “Red Istria”, where the fertile land of red and limestone rock is alternated. The city is part of the Istrian County with an area of 77.71 km2.

Rovinj climate

The climate in Rovinj is a typical Mediterranean with average temperatures around 16 °C, which in summer grow much above 25°C but in winter descend to an average of 5°C.  The summer brings warmth and sunshine, and days with more than 10-hours of sunlight.

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Rovinj temperature

The average annual air temperature is 12.1 degrees Celsius (January 4.5 degrees Celsius and July 20.9 degrees Celsius), yearly falling 836 mm precipitation, average annual cloudiness is 4.2, and insolation is 2.437 sunny hours per year.

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Rovinj pronunciation

Croatian pronunciation: [rǒʋiːɲ];

Italian pronunciation: Rovigno,

Ancient Greek pronunciation: Ρυγίνιον (Ryginion),

Latin pronunciation: Ruginium.


Rovinj Croatia Map

In the section bellow we offer You the map of Rovinj (Croatia), where You can find all the relevant touristic data you will need on Your vacation.


History of Rovinj (Shot version)

Rovinj History Heritage

Rovinj was originally built on an island and inhabited since about the 7th century by Slavs. However, it is believed that the first settlers were already fishing here between the 3rd and 5th century.

Six centuries later it became part of the Roman Empire. After the disintegration of the Empire, Rovinj became part of the Byzantine Empire, then the Exarchate of Ravenna and the Franconian Empire.

Rovinj is a beautiful small town, a jewel of the Istrian peninsula – a town with turbulent history and prosperous present.

Rovinj quickly became a major fishing and trading port, heavily besieged by pirates in the 13th century . Seeking help, the city turned to Venice, which furnished Rovinj with fortifications and drove the pirates away.

Nevertheless, the city remained the target of attacking Genoese and Serbian Uskoks. When the Turks invaded Bosnia and Croatia between the 16th and 18th centuries, the number of inhabitants of Rovinj rose rapidly due to the refugees moving inland from the interior.

The city needed space and spread on the mainland. Therefore, a bridge in 1763 joined the island with the newly developed urban settlement. The numerous epidemics that plagued Istria and again, spared Rovinj, so that the city, in contrast to other communities economically was always well situated.

After the fall of Venice, the Austrian Empire took control until World War I when Italy gained control. After the Second World War, SR Croatia was given control of the area. The Yugoslav wars created a tense time in the city’s history but was eventually resolved by the mid-nineties. The city is now part of the Republic of Croatia.

As in other cities, the various rulers left their Venetian, Austrian, French and Italian traces in terms of culture and architecture in Rovinj, although the Italian influence is still very evident even today.

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5 Top reasons to visit Rovinj Croatia

Rovinj is situated on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula in Croatia, and due to its rich cultural and historical heritage it is considered the most romantic destination in the Mediterranean. Popularly known as the “Blue Pearl of the Adriatic”, thanks to its indented coastline and the archipelago consisted of 22 islets, Rovinj is the unique tourist destination of the Istrian peninsula and Croatia, with many protected cultural and natural features.

Top Reasons to Visit Rovinj Croatia

City Romantic Charm

The Old town is made up of old Venetian houses, narrow and colorful streets, numerous galleries and museums as if it is back to a long forgotten time, time of romance and rich history.

You can see the fishermen hauling in their catch very early in the morning and then spending the rest of the day mending their nets. Especially recommended is a stroll through Grisia Street – the artist’s lane of Rovinj, in which the local artists offer their products.

Culture and History

The Old town, whose origins date back to the 5th century, stretches up a hill in narrow, winding streets. A walk up the mountain is like a hike through history. Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque buildings are well preserved.

Rovinj itself is described as a mixture of the eternity of Rome, the gracefulness of Venice, the Central European spirit of the Habsburg emperors and the charm of the Mediterranean!

In the vicinity of the Old town of Rovinj , the longest promenade in Istria invites you to stroll. There are street cafés and restaurants everywhere, as well a fishing port and a marina to liven up the southern flair of this picturesque port city. Rovinj with its rich cultural heritage is a top tourist destination in Croatia, attracting visitors from within the country and also from across the world.

Amazing Beaches and Nature

Rovinj is surrounded with picturesque landscapes and is bordered by an intricately woven coastline which is the reason why so many tourists descend here during the hot summer months. The rugged coastline, the numerous bays, the twenty-two islands, (the biggest and most popular of which are Katarina Island and the Red island), along with the unspoiled beauty of clean Adriatic waters – make the visit to Rovinj a tantalizing affair. Some of Rovinj natural gem are: Punta Corrente (Zlatni rt) park forrest, St. Andrew’s Island and many others.

Fabolous Gastronomy

Rovinj is in the heart of gastronomic Croatia, with heady white truffles, freshly caught seafood and fish and Istrian prosciutto washed down with exquisite Teran, Merlot or Malvazija – the local blossomy white wine.

Rovinj Summer Vibe and Events

In the summer time the town is busy with locals and visitors alike populating the bars and coffee shops. The night in Rovinj comes alive when local festivals take place in the town and visitors are always welcome to join. There are bars, discos and a night clubs as well as an open air theatre. During the summer months there are many concerts an other types of events held here under the stars.


Weather in Rovinj Croatia

The weather in Rovinj is Mediterranean with hot summers and mild and short winters. The large number of sunny and warm days are refreshed by the Mistral wind („Maestral“ in Croatian language). The average annual temperature is 16 °C and in winter the temperature rarely falls below 0 °C. The average temperature of the sea in summer is 24 °C.

Thanks to its favorable climate, Rovinj was already known as a health resort in the 19th century, because of the famous hospital that was built in 1890.

What is the Best time to visit Rovinj?

Best time to visit Rovinj is late summer. If case You dont like crowded places then You must visit Rovinj in early fall and even spring. To be honest, the right time depends of Your preferences, but for me, personaly – the best time to visit Rovinj is in April-May period.

Anyway, whenever You visit Rovinj You wont be disappointed. There are enough things to see and do in Rovinj.

In our Rovinj Croatia online travel guide, we have put together some tips and suggestions for you so that you can get an overview of beautiful places in Rovinj to see and things to do – even before the your holidays start.


What to see in Rovinj

The culture in Rovinj is shaped by the buildings in the Old town. It looks like a huge open-air museum and is „an Eldorado“ for culture lovers and amateur photographers. From a distance you can see the tower of the Church of Saint Euphemia, which was named after the patron saint of the city. The church was built in the 18th century and it shapes the image of the city with its huge bell tower.

What to See in Rovinj Croatia

Worth seeing is also the Romanesque church of the Holy Trinity, which impresses with a beautiful interior with precious carvings.

If you are interested in the culture in Rovinj and want to know more about the country and its people, you should visit the local history museum. It is housed in the palace of Count Califfi and presents an extensive collection of local archaeological finds, works of local artists and a library. It was founded in 1954 by the artists of the city.

Cultural life in Rovinj was also influenced by the Antonio Gandusio Theater. Today it serves as a cinema, but was formerly the venue for operas, operettas, dramas, political and cultural events.

On a tour of the Old town of Rovinj you can also see the remains of the city gates. Well preserved are the gate of the Holy Cross with the coat of arms, the gate below the city wall with its inscription from 1590 and the gate of St. Benedict.

The entrance to the Old town is the 17th century arch by Balbi. If you want to experience cultural life in Rovinj, you should also take part in events such as the Evening of the Fishing Tradition.

List of top things to see in Rovinj:

  1. Old Town

Old Town in Rovinj Croatia

One of the first things you notice when you come Rovinj, is a charming view of Old Town from the highest peak, which rises the church of St. Euphemia. From here you can see almost all the islands of Rovinj. The town itself is situated on a peninsula that used to be an island, and its considered to be one of the last remaining of the original Mediterranean fishing port.

The Old town – historic center of Rovinj is surrounded by a medieval city fortification. Tourists can enter the Old town through the Balbi Arch and will immediately notest an atmospheric feeling of the harbor promenade with many excursion boats and yachts.


  1.  Grisia Street

Rovinj-Croatia-Old-TownA must see attraction in Rovinj undoubtedly include the artist’s street Grisia. There You can see painters, potters and artisans showing thier products.  Also, Grisia – is an art exhibition taking place in the street with the same name. Don’t miss: Big outdoor exhibition at the beginning of 8. month in Grisia Street. Its a period when artists showcase their recent works. For sure You wont be disappointed!


  1.  Punta Corrente forest

Zlatni-rt-Golden-Cape-Park-forest-rovinjThe Punta Corrente park forest (in Croatian: „Zlatni Rt“) – is located on the south of the city. The forest park was bought by a austrian landowner named Hutterodt in the late nineteenth century. The whole park was planted with numerous pine trees, cypresses a variety of exotic trees that were protected by the stone walls typical for the region. Punta Corrente forest is ideal destination for a nice relaxing daytrip.



  1.  The church of St. Euphemia

Church-of-St-Euphemia-Rovinj-CroatiaThe church of St. Euphemia, which looks similar to the Church of St.Mark’s in Venice, has one of the largest tower in Europe. At the top of the church tower there is a statue of St. Euphemia – which is the patron of Rovinj and her relics – older than 1700 years, can be found in the sarcophagus inside the church.




  1.  Balbi Arch

Balbis-Arch-Rovinj-CroatiaWorth seeing is the nearby Balbi Arch, which was originally built as a city gate. One side adorns the inside and outside of the bow. Behind it, one arrives at the main attraction of the city: here run the narrow nested side streets, which are lined by beautiful houses built in various architectural styles. Balbi’s Arch is the original entrance to the city.




  1. Batana House Museum

Batana Boat Rovinj
Batana Boat of Rovinj

“Batana House” is a not-static museum with a complete exposure in addition to the special type of wooden boat called „Batana“. The Batana House Museum exhibition consist of exposing old fishing tools, techniques, habits and stories about ancient wooden boats and the life of a Croatian – Istrian fishermans. The museum has repeatedly received prestigious awards in various forums dedicated to the world cultural heritage.



Rovinj History heritage

The Old town core of this picturesque town is placed on a small peninsula between two deep bays. in In the 7th century, Rovinj was already surrounded by the town walls, which were subsequently upgraded with towers. Because of the very constricted space between the town walls, the streets are narrow and winding, quite often with arched passages, surrounded with tall and narrow houses with characteristic smoke chimneys.

Rovinj History Heritage

There are many arched passages and characteristic narrow alleys with stone stairs in front of the houses. The town was growing and developing in the course of centuries, which resulted in many style changes, still visible on its buildings. They cover periods from Romanesque and Gothic, to Renaissance and Baroque.

The oldest preserved building is the Baptistery of the Holy Trinity from 13th century. Except that – the Baroque has also given its marks to the city’s picturesque. Trying to preserve the valuable cultural and historical heritage – the beautiful Baroque palace Califfi today hosts the Regional Museum with the archeology collection and a number of valuable paintings from 16th, 17th and 18th centurie and some artwork from contemporary artists.

The most distinguishing symbol of the city of Rovinj is the Baroque church of St Euphemia. It has been built from 1728 to 1736 as a three-arch nave basilica on the top of the hill, above the formerly destroyed churches.

The 60 meters tall bell-tower was built earlier, from 1654 to 1680, and only in 1758 on its top was placed the copper-made statue of St. Euphemia – the town’s Saint Guardian, revolving around its axis like a windvane.

The city of Rovinj was in 1963 recognized as a historical monument.

Rovinj has many cultural attractions from the prehistoric times until the 19th century. There are four archaeological sites, eight sacral buildings and two civil buildings. The cultural history of the town covers three protection zones on the total area of 105 hectares.

To this number has to be added: 50 archeological sites, 19 sacral buildings, one civilian building and many smaller local sites in Monsena-Valdaliso and Valalta area.


Some of the most popular cultural and historical attractions of Rovinj are:

The Old town

rovinj_croatia_old_townThe Old town is a monument of culture which include narrow streets, tall buildings and small squares. On the top of the roofs you can still see lot of chimneys, old balconies, romatnic doorways… As we stated before, the whole area was declared a historical monument – back in 1963. The Old town used to be an island surrounded by town walls and towers.



Church of St. Euphemia

Church-of-St-Euphemia-Rovinj-CroatiaThe Church of St. Euphmenia dominates the Old town with a bell tower (a copy of the one in Venice at the Church of St. Mark) inlcuding the statue of the patron St. Euphemia with wheels – like the one on which she was tortured to renounce Christianity.




Chapel of the Holy Trinity

Chapel of the Holy TrinityThe-Baptismal-Font-of-The-Holy-Trinity-Rovinj is the oldest monument in the history of Rovinj. It was built in the 13th century and has an unusual heptagonal shape. Inside the church there are carvings of the transenna depicting scenes of Golgotha which can be interesting for tourists.




Franciscan monastery and church

Franciscan monasteryCastle on St Andrew Red Island Rovinj Croatia and church were built in the early 18th Century. It contains a rich library and an interesting museum of religious art.






Castle on the Island of Saint Andrew

Castle on the Island of Saint Andrew – originally a Benedictine monastery founded in the 6th century. In the 15th century, the Franciscans expanded it and by the end of the 19th century it was restored by Baron Hütterodt.



dvigrad croatiaDvigrad – the ruins of the medieval town abandoned in the 17th century becuase of the plague and malaria.






Rovinj Heritage Museum

Rovinj Heritage MuseumRovinj heritage Museum Croatia – housed in a baroque building Califfi, it displays and owns some of the following the collections: Monumental Library Stancoviciane with books of 16 By 19 Century, Vistrum (found in ancient tombs Veštar), collection of contemporary Croatian art, sculptures, paintings, etc.



Grisia Street

Grisia Streetgrisia-street-rovinj-croatia  is the main street in the Rovinj Old town, which leads directly to the Church of St. Euphemia. There are many art galleries in the street, which back is 1967. began to hold an „Art colony Rovinj“ – an open art exhibition.




Churches and chapels

Churches and chapelsChurch-of-Saint-Ivan-Island-Rovinj-Croatia from medieval to recent ones. Some of them are St. Thomas, St. Croix, Oratory, Our Lady of Health, St. Benedict’s …





Aquarium and Marine Research Center

Ruđer Bošković Institute of Rovinj – Rovinj AquariumAquarium and Marine Research Center is located on the Rovinj waterfront and offers an exhibition presenting the diversity of life of the Adriatic Sea.





Other interesting historical sitesin Rovinj Croatia:

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Rovinj Sightseeing and Natural Attractions

Camping Mon Perin Rovinj Croatia

The area of ​​Rovinj is characterized by a shallow and attractive landscape, with thick, evergreen forests of oak in the coastal zone situated 3-5 km from the sea. In the immediate vicinity of the sea there are planted and grown valuable pine forests. Oak and deciduous forests are growing in the inland area of the municipality.

Cultures are dominated by olive groves and vineyards. Along the coast there is the true Mediterranean landscape, while in the interior it changes to the submediterranean. That area is full of protected forest parks, protected landscapes, park architecture monuments, geological nature monuments, special reserve in the sea and zoo – ornithological reserves, but there is also a special protection of numerous cultural goods.

The coastal area is low with numerous coves and hills, islands, islets, ridges and cliffs, beaches and rocky shores. The sea is shallow on the shore and the bottom is rocky. Rovinj’s coast is mostly suitable for bathing or for other marine purposes. The length of the sea coast of the mainland, islands, islets, reefs and rocks exceeds 50 km.

Rovinj area natural attractions include:

These natural landscapes are categorized as “landscapes of outstanding value”.

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Things to do in Rovinj Croatia

Rovinj provide endless options of activities – walks in beautiful nature, sports and leisure activities, sailing, diving, climbing, cycling, discovering hidden beauty, cultural antiques, archaeological sites and culinary specialties – all combined with accommodation in high-quality hotels, tourist resorts and camps who provide many opportunities for a pleasant stay, wellness delights, businnes conferences and sporting events.

Top Things to Do in Rovinj Croatia

To see a glimpse of the real Rovinj I highly recommend a walk around the Old town – the area caters for locals more than tourists and gives you a real feel of the town. The first thing you will notice are the wonderfully preserved cobbled streets.

The streets are narrow and weave through the town beautifully. The cobbles used on the streets are made using stones from Istria. The other thing you will notice is a lack of vehicles in the area creating a nice peaceful atmosphere which makes you forget you are in a tourist spot.

A stroll down to the port is also something I would highly recommend while you are in Rovinj – a great place to watch the world go by.

With plenty of bars and cafes around the port, you can sit back and relax with a drink and see everything – from a small one man fishing boat to the world’s biggest cruise ships pull into the port.

The Rovinj port is a great place for an evening meal, especially the fish restaurants offering you fish caught that day. You will find numerous little shops in the port area worth a look round, some are hidden well away so take the time to explore the area, it’s certainly worth it.

If you have decided that Rovinj is the place for you then you will not regret your choice – this lovely little town is a real gem and will only continue to grow in popularity when more people become aware of its wonderful charm. Rovinj is a great place to escape on holiday, packed with things to do for everyone I am sure you will not be disappointed by this charming little resort in Croatia.

List of top things to do in Rovinj:

  1. Explore the Rovinj Old Town

The city core of Rovinj better know as the „Old town“ is a special unit which is entirely registered as a cultural monument. Over the history the town of Rovinj has managed to preserve the atmosphere of past times over the centuries, which is visible in the remains of medieval residential architecture, city ramparts, Renaissance and Baroque palaces …all waiting for You to explore.

The city with its rich history has many interesting monuments to show. Numerous churches are recommended, especially the St. Euphemia, the Franciscan monastery or the town hall.

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  1. Hit the beach

There are over 20 beaches in the Rovinj area and most of them have been awarded with the international certificate of the Blue Flag. It means that they are clean, safe and friendly to tourists. Rovinj offers 67 kilometers long coastline, which includes sandy beaches, rocky beaches, swimming pools, tennis courts, beach volleyball, trampoline and other attractions. Along the coast there are plenty of cafes, bars and restaurants.

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  1. Stroll to the Punta Corrente (Zlatni Rt, Golden Cape) park forest

On the south side of Rovinj there is Punta Corrente (also known as Zlatni Rt, Golden Cape) forest park with its rocky coves and pebble beaches all of which can be accessed by narrow pathways. Punta Corrente forest is an ideal place for spending a day while enjoying its exotic trees, meadows and hidden beaches. Relax Yourself in a walk through the forest park Punta Corrente, which was created by an Austrian admiral. The beautiful park attracts with bathing spots and cliffs, from which one can look over the Rovinj offshore islands.

  1. Discover Rovinj islands

Red Island also called „Crveni otok“ or „St. Andrew island“ – is a part of Rovinj`s Archipelago and one of the natural attractions of Rovinj. Red Island is the biggest island of the Rovinj Archipelago and it basically consists of 2 islands: St. Andrew island and Maškin island – connected to each other by a small dock. The island is distanced only 10-15 minutes by boat from Rovinj.

Because of the two connected islands, which make like a natural Bay, Red Island boasts some of the most beautiful beaches. You can spend a half or even entire day on this beautiful island. The best beaches, diving center, walking, swimming, aquapark, children playground, bars and restaurant are waiting for You.

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  1. Enjoy the Rovinj waterfront „Obala or Riva“

Enjoy your daily walk on the spacious Rovinj waterfront “Obala, Riva”: a real promenade with many street cafes and restaurants which serve excellent wines and local truffles. Even there you could see the “Italian” charm of this city: especially on Friday and Saturday night, it is a real catwalk.

A stroll along the extensive promenade is just as relaxing as impressive. Pretty restaurants, inviting cafes and many pubs on the harbor promenade and in the historic, traffic-free city center invite the holidaymakers to linger.

  1. Go Scuba diving

The city of Rovinj is very popular destination for divers, as many diving companies offer equipment rental, courses and interesting diving tours. The biggest attraction of the underwater world in front of Rovinj is the wreckage of a passenger steamship „Baron Gautsch“ sunk in 1914. by a sea mine. The accident killed 177 people. The shipwreck lies well preserved about 40 meters deep and houses a colorful variety of marine life.

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Where to stay in Rovinj

Rovinj is one of the most beautiful cities of the Mediterranean, often called „the pearl of the Adriatic Sea“. It is located on the west coast of the region of Istria and due to its geographic location, mild and warm Mediterranean climate – favors a large number of sunny days all year.

Where to Stay in Rovinj

Rovinj has many different types and styles of accommodation available to suit all budgets. The hotels range from fairly basic to luxurious. There are apartment complexes, tourist resorts, campsites or you can choose the cheaper private accommodation in one of the apartments, studios and rooms.

However, a private villa in the city or in the surrounding areas would be an excellent choice for those who wish to experience Rovinj and who long for a more intimate getaway.

When compared with other accommodation in Croatia you will find that the accommodation prices in Rovinj are little bit higher. The reason is that you pay for staying at one of the most romantic and prettiest place in Croatia. And Yes, its definitely worth it!

Here is a list of recommended accommodation in Rovinj Croatia:

Grand Park Hotel Rovinj

Grand Park Hotel in Rovinj

Grand Park Hotel in Rovinj is a exclusive member of the Maistra Collection brend and features a five stars accomodation. The unique location of the hotel and specific configuration of the terrain, inspired the cascading type of construction and realization of ten thousand square meters of green hotel roof. Grand Park Hotel has 6 floors with 193 rooms and 16 suites with the capacity of 500 guests in total. All hotel rooms feature spacious terraces with green gardens and 53 of them have a plunge pool. There is no need to mention that all rooms have a panoramic seaview.

The pools, lobby and reception area, restaurants and congress hall are situated on the highest floor. All the rooms are loacated on the lower levels and have an area of 40 square meters. The apartments count up to 175 square meters.

Interior design is signed by the Milan studio Piero Lissoni – Lissoni Architecture, one of the most prominent and most famous designers in the world. Lissoni’s work is known for its minimalism, with special attention paid to detail and choice of materials. The hotel exterior design is made by the famous croatian architecture Studio 3LHD.

Grand Park Hotel in Rovinj also includes: six restaurants, 3800 square meters of wellness and spa center, a congress hall and many other luxurious amenities such as a shopping promenade that offer famous world and domestic brands. In front of the hotel there is a large ACI marina with 196 berths for ships of an average length of 18 meters.

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Hotel Lone

Hotel Lone in Rovinj

Hotel Lone in Rovinj – is a unique five star design hotel in Croatia, the apsolute winner of many international architectural and touristic awards. Hotel Lone is situated in a Lone bay – an unique position near the sea, surrounded by centuries-old protected parkforest Zlatni rt 8Golden Cape), just a short walk from the center of Rovinj.  This modern looking hotel features 248 comfort and spacious rooms and suites, a wellness spa center with an indoor pool, saunas, massage room, gym…

Inside the hotel building there are a sushi bar, night club and two restaurants. (Read more about the famous Lone’s restaurant).

The Lone Hotel exterior feature a large outdoor pool and a beautifull beach area. Almost all interior design elements are specially designed for the hotel itself and the design of the hotel is signed by the famous croatian architecture Studio 3LHD.

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Hotel Monte Mulini

Hotel Monte Mulini in Rovinj

Monte Mulini is a 5 star luxury hotel situated in a relaxing environment of the city of Rovinj, just 50 meters from the sea. The hotel is equipped with its own wellness oasis which offers maximum comfort for the hotel guests. The rooms are modern and extravagant, all have a balcony with sea view.

The luxurious bathrooms also have a bath, a shower and two sinks. As a member of the leading hotels of the world, Monte Mulini Hotel is well known as the most luxurious hotel in Rovinj. But thats not all – as seen on Tripadvisor, for five years in a row, this hotel is getting the best reviews and feedback so its not pretentious to state that its one of the best hotels in entire Croatia.

Monte Mulini hotel has two restaurants and in one of the two – restaurant Wine Vault Rovinj, you can meet an executive chef of the restaurant – Tom Gretic, one of the best Croatian master chefs, today.

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Hotel Adriatic

Hotel Adriatic in Rovinj

Opened in 1913, renewed in 2015., Butique Hotel Adriatic is the oldest hotel in Rovinj. The hotel is situated on the central Rovinj square, offers amazing views of old town and the island of St. Katarina as well.

Hotel Adriatic features four star accommodation which include 14 luxury rooms and 4 suites all of which face the picturesque waterfront filled with fishing boats, including autochthonous Rovinj batanas.

All rooms in the hotel have air an conditioning, balcony and a satellite TV. There are a caffe bar and chic Brasserie Adriatic restaurant featuring the amazing tastes of French cuisine.

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Hotel Eden

Hotel Eden in Rovinj

Situated on the edge of the unique and amazing 100 years old forest park Zlatni rt (Punta Corrente, Golden Cape) – which extends up to the beach, Hotel Eden feature 302 recently renewed rooms and 23 suites. All rooms are equipped with balcony, air conditioning and a satellite TV.

There are a spacious wellness & spa area, an indoor and an outdoor pool complex. Inside the hotel spa area You will find: the thermal zone with Turkish bath, Finnish and infrared sauna and a relax room as well.

If You plan to enjoy your holidays with kids, there is a mini club with entertainment for children inside the hotel.

Within the hotel there are 3 restaurants which offer traditional Istrian dishes. You can walk to the town (10 minutes) or You can hit to the beach and enjoy the crystal clear sea.

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Restaurants and Food in Rovinj

After exploring Rovinj, for lunch or supper, stop at one of the many restaurants where, in the open, you can enjoy some of the delicious, healthy sea food, taste the savoury traditional dishes and exellent Istrian wines. The central square is edged with lively cafes and restaurants spreading out on to a charming harbour crammed with sailing and fishing boats – perfect to watch the world go by while enjoying Your meal.

Best Restaurants and Food in Rovinj Croatia

Some of our favorite restaurants in Rovinj include:

Tavern Kantinon

The tavern is situated in the very historical core of Rovinj– the Old Town. Despite the tavern location – just a few meters from the sea, there is no terrace for eating outside. There is only 1 table outside.

Tavern Kantinon offers original Rovinj cuisine inspired by a town’s fishing tradition, brings authentic tastes of Istria in a traditional and relaxing enviroment.

Its sufficiently to say that the responsibles for this gastronomical concept and menu are Tome Gretic – a famous Croatian Chef and Emil Perdec – a famouse Istrian/Croatian sommelier.


Restaurant Barba Danilo

Restaurant Barba Danilo is situated within Polari camping site at the outskirts of town. Coming at Barba Danilo, at first You will notest a sign warning: „No Pizza, No Fast Food, No Cevapcici“.

It is a family-run restaurant that offer tasty food made of fresh and natural ingredients. Barba Danilo restaurant serve many types of food but the emphasis is given on seafood. The menu is changing on a daily basis depending on the catch and purchase.

The dining space is divided on 3 differerent levels: the open terrace, loggia and the inside area. During the summertime the food is served only in the loggia and on the open terrace. Barba Danilo Rastaurant – relaxing atmposhere, nice enviroment, excelent service and food.


Pizzeria Da Sergio

Lets be honest, this is the best pizza ever. Situated in the famous Rovinj artist street – Grisia, Pizzeria Da Sergio offer fantastic pizza and other Italian food.

If you are a pizza lover this place is a definite must visit when staying in Rovinj. Cool atmosphere, fantastic food and good service are included. Thank You Da Sergio! 😀


Restaurant Orca

Orca is a family owned restaurant situated on the main road at the entrance to Rovinj (right after the big round).

The menu is consisted of seasonal seafood, meat meals and pasta all based on fresh and homemade ingredients created on the principles of traditional istrian cuisine.

Rastaurant Orca specialities are pasta with lobster, pljukanci (pasta), Orca mare monti, crustacean fillets with truffles, fish in salt, fish and meat under lid.

No matter that the location of the restuarnt its not special at all– there is not seaview, no fancy terraces and luxory seatings, this place is well known as the best restaurant in Rovinj. Locals as well many celebrity chefs eat at Restaurant Orca.


Restaurant Monte

Restaurant Monte is a family-run restuarant situated in the Old center of Rovinj, near the church of St. Euphemia.

It’s enough to say that Restaurant Monte is the first croatian restaurant awarded with a Micheline star. Today’s Monte Restaurant offerings relate to two tasting menus: Essence and Tendence.

Danijel Đekić – the owner & chef of the restaurant decribes the restaurant with just three words: local seasonal and inovative. Lets try Monte!

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Beaches in Rovinj Croatia

No visit to Rovinj would be complete without experiencing the beaches along the Rovinj coastline. There are around 20 beautifull beaches in the Rovinj area and You will find that no two beaches in this area are alike because each one has its own character and ambience. You can go snorkelling and there is an abundance of marine life to marvel at.

Best Beaches in Rovinj

Both rocky and covered in forests, the coastline around Rovinj is famous for its natural beauty and clear blue sea and represent an outstanding natural beauty. Note: There is no sandy beaches in Rovinj! For nudist, there are also a few naturist beaches in Rovinj!

Some of our favorite beaches in Rovinj (Croatia) include:

Lone Beach

lone beach rovinj croatia
Lone Beach Rovinj Croatia

Lone Beach is situated in the Lone Bay and Punta Corrente (Golden Cape, Zlatni rt) beach near the fantastic Punta Corrente park forest which is distinguished by many indigenous and domesticated plants, such as the groves of holm oaks and Alpine pines as well many foreign plants.

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Monte Beach

Monte Balota Beach-Rovinj Croatia

Even this beautifull beach is not ideal for inexperienced swimmers, it is the best choice for sunbathing in lazy afternoons. The main advantage of Monte Beach is its location in vicinity of the main city square, just beneath the church of St. Euphemia.

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Kuvi Beach


Kuvi Beach Rovinj Croatia

Kuvi Beach is well-know as one of the safest beach in Rovinj. Its located more than two kilometers south from the Rovinj center and its made of a mixture of sand and pebbles.

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Events in Rovinj

Events in Rovinj Croatia

Summer in Rovinj is full of various entertaining events, such as the Summer Sensual Days, the Salsa Festival, the Night of Saint Lovro, the Grisia Art Festival or the fireworks of the Rovinj Night. In August, Rovinj hosts the Grisia – an open air art fair where local and international artists exhibit and Rovinj Night – where local food and drink is served to the sound of fireworks exploding overhead.

On the other hand, If You are a sport type of person, numerous sporting events take place in Rovinj, such as – sailing, football and climbing competitions.

Personally, my favorite event in Rovinj include a Red Bull Air Race World Championship – also known as a „Formula 1 of the Air races“ – an event followed by millions of people around the planet that  gathers some the best pilots in the world.

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Rovinj Croatia Nightflife (Bars, Clubs and Disco)

Rovinj has a lively nightlife with plenty to do during the evening hours. There are bars, restaurants and a nightclub that are open all night. Years ago there was a Monvi Centar where You could find many bars, restaurants and clubs featuring differnt types of music at one place. Today, thats not the case.

Rovinj NIghtlife (bars, clubs, discos)

If You are searching for a crazy night clubbing scene (from „dusk till down type“) I have to disappoint You. Rovinj is very nice city – it is famous for many different things like rich culture & natural beauty, but nightlife is not on that level. There are lots of caffee bars, cocktail bars,wine bars and only two night clubs – Club Boa and Steel. Lets expore Rovinj nightlife!

Cocktail Bar Havana

Situated in the center of Rovinj, cocktail Bar Havana offers a wide number of awesome cocktails, soft & hard drinks. Great location, great cocktails, friendly staff and cool music. The bar has a very nice and large outside terrace ideal for chiling.

Valentino Cocktail & Champagne Bar

Thanks to its romantic atmosphere and an awsome location – just a few meters from the sea, Valentino Bar is one of the coolest places in Rovinj.  While drinking Your favorite cocktail You can get an unique experience of sitting on cushions just a few steps from the sea and enjoying an amazing sunset.

Steel Club

Steel Club is a recently opened disco club featuring electronic music parties with international and domestic DJs. The club is opened back in 2018 and represents the only real club in the town of Rovinj.

Club Boa

Located at the seafront, next to the center of Rovinj, Club Boa is one of the two in clubs in Rovinj. It is a place featuring DJ parties, ideal for younger crowd.

Wine Bar Tomasso

As its name suggests, Tomaso Wine bar offers a large selection of Istrian wines at good prices. Good location, friendly stuff and good quality wine offer. You can also try wine from the bar owner private wine label – San Tomaso.

Art Irish Pub

Situated in Carera Street in Rovinj, The Art irish Bar offers a great choice of beers, relaxing atmosphere with live music.

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Transport in Rovinj

Being a small town, easy accessible by foot – there are not many problems using different means of transportation in Rovinj.

You must realize that the Rovinj Old town is free-traffic zone – that means, no cars are allowed. So, if You booked an accommodation in the Old town zone be sure to provide yourself a parking outside the free-traffic zone or arrange a free transfer to Your hotel.

If You are staying at one of many holiday restorts situated outside the town, there is no problem because most of resorts offer shuttle busses to the Old city core. On the other hand, you can use a bicycle – Rovinj is mostly a flat surface town without many urban activities (except the Old part).

To visit Rovinj Islands – St. Catherine and Red Island („Crveni otok“), there is a boatline connection from the mainland with departures all the day long.

Rovinj Bus station is situated near the city centre, in Matteo Benussie Street, just a few meters from the famous Carerra Street. From the bus station You can reach all major Istrian and Croatian cities.

Offcourse, to explore Rovinj You can use a taxi, but that is an expenisve option.


Travelling to Rovinj

Travelling to and around Rovinj is easy. You can reach Rovinj by car, bus, plane and during the summer time Rovinj is accessible also by boat. The nearest airport is Airport Pula which is about 20 miles away. Car rental is available and that is the preferred mean of transport in the area. The nearest railway station is only 20 kilometers way – in Kanfanar. The city can easily be walked and there are no cars allowed in the historic section of the city.

Travelling to Rovinj Croatia

By car

Rovinj is easily accessible by new roads, in which is continuously invested and it is located just 30 kilometers from the airport of Pula. Roads are excellent and form a good network to access the major cities in the locality.

The main road in Istria is a highway A8 and A9: popularly called „Istrian Y (Ypsilon)“ – because it has a „Y“-shape. It connects all the major cities of region of Istria, and connect Istria with Croatia, Slovenia and Italy.

The Istrian Highway („Y „), consist of:

Highway A9: From Slovenian-Croatian border (Umag) in the north to the city of Pula situated on the south of the Istrian peninsula. Its a is a multi lane modern highway and a pay toll is applicable.

Highway A8: From the city of Pazin (Central Istria) to Tunnel Učka (Rijeka direction). Currently its a double-lane fast road (one lane for each direction) but its planned to be a highway with double lanes. Pay toll is also applicable.


By plane

Rovinj is easily reached from the UK, by flying to Trieste, Ljubljana, Zagreb or Rijeka, but the closest airport is Pula (served by Ryanair) – an easy half-hour transfer from Rovinj.

Low cost airlines offer cheap deals to Pula Airport during summer months. Airport Pula connects the city of Pula with popular European and worldwide destinations like: London, Paris, Oslo, Brussels, Frankfurt, Berlin, Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds, Bradford, Newcastle, Stockholm, Toulouse, Nantes, Lyon, Marseille,

Airline companies operating in Pula Airport are: Croatia Airlines, Lufthansa, Jat, Sas, Transaero, Intersky, Russia Airlines, Globus, Ryanair, Germanwings,, Norwegian, Air Mediterranee, Croatia Airlines, Thompson Airways, Tyrolean Airways, Arkefly, Transaero, Aeroflot, Ural Airlines, Belavia, Kogalymavia, Yamal Airlines, Aviatrans, Air Onyx, UT Air, Travel Service, Windrose, AK Bars Aero, Germania, Redwings…

The best way to get to Rovinj from the Pula Airport is either by bus or car. There are various companies that offer a shuttle service to the airport Pula from to Rovinj or vice versa.

There is an option to take a shuttle service from the Pula Airport to the Pula Bus station (around 5 euro*) and then pick a regular bus line to Rovinj (additional 5 to 7 euro*). The expensive option is to take a direct shuttle service to Rovinj which can cost up to 20-25 euro* in one direction.

(*prices may vary)


By bus

Rovinj has excellent traffic connection to all major cities in Istria and Croatia. From Rovinj Bus station You can reach destinations like: Pula, Rijeka, Pazin, Trieste, Zagreb. The Rovinj bus station is situated in the centre of the town, just a 150-200 meters from the Rovinj Old town.

Its a pretty small bus station that knows to be overcrowded especially during the summertime when the departures from the station are more regular.

For a one way ticket from Pula to Rovinj You will spend around 5-7 euro*. The ride from Zagreb to Rovinj cost around 20-25 euro* (for one person).

The transport services companies that operate are: Brioni-Fils, Autotrans Rijeka, Flixbus,…

(*prices may vary)


By boat

Generally, boat connections to Rovinj are available only during the summer time period, from April to September.

Rovinj can also be reached by boat from Venice by VeneziaLines hydroboat which operate from May to October. Usually the hydroboat operate 3 times per week – everyday in the high season period (July, August). The price range is between 55-85 euro* in one direction per passenger. For more information check this website ____________.

Another company – TriesteLines operate between Trieste and Rovinj on a daily basis in the period from end of June to September. The price range varies depending of the period, but an average cost for a return trip is around 40-50 euros*.

(*prices may vary)

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Car rental in Rovinj Croatia

Many car rentals companies offer their services in Rovinj. When renting a car in Rovinj, You basicly have 2 options:

  • Rent a car online

Living in the digital era brings lots of advantages – one of them is the possibilty to easily check different car rental offers and rates, evaluate them and pick the best and affordable option for You. The best way to accomplish that is using, a trusted website with the largest choice of cars to rent in Rovinj at reasobable prices.

  • Rent a car using services of a local company

Some people prefer to rent a car directly, using a local car rental company. The biggest disvantage of that method is that You must physically visit or call every single car rental company in order to evaluate their prices.

Anyway, here is a list of some local car rentals companies in Rovinj Croatia: Oryx, Vetura, Uni-rent…


Parking in Rovinj

Like any touristic ancient city, the parking problem in Rovinj culminates during the summer time. Its good to state that the Rovinj Old town is non-car zone which basically means there is no traffic. But there is a good side – Rovinj is a small town, very easy to walk through and almost any location is accessible by foot.

The largest city parking place is Valdibora, consisting of two parts: the Great and the Little Valdibora. There are also parking zone Boksiti and Concetta. Payment for these parking spaces can be made when leaving the parking lot or at the cash desk.

Other parking places on the street are divided by zones: Zone 1 to 4., and all are payble by automat or SMS. Zone 1 is the closest to the Rovinj Old Town, zone 4 – the most distant. The company that menages parking zone sin Rovinj is KOMUNALNI SERVIS d.o.o.


Where to shop in Rovinj

Shopping is popular in the cobbled streets of the Rovinj Old Town and the main thoroughfare – Carrera Steet which is fully pedestrianised and features many shops and galleries. A food market, always popular with visitors, is situated near Vladibora Square on the edge of the historic part of the town. In the open-air market visitors will find stalls with fresh produce, such as asparagus, olives, tomatoes, herbs, figs and cheese. The Valdibora Market offers visitors a unique opportunity to see locals in action.

Visitors are able to aslo purchase fresh fish, local jewelry, and hand made crafts from local materials. In the center the narrow streets you will find numerous shops and boutiques that offer everything from clothes to smaller souvenirs.

Malls and large food market chains are sitauated outside the city, just before the first round – at the entrance in Rovinj.

Here is a full list of large food market chains:

  • Maxi Konzum – Braće Božić 4/c, 52210, Rovinj
  • Lidl – Ul. Braće Božić 4/A, 52210, Rovinj
  • Plodine – Fažanska ul. 2, 52210, Rovinj.


Money and ATM

The offical currency in Croatia is Croatian Kuna. The exchange rate varies but usually its around 1 euro= 7,5 kn. Before you purchase something or going to the restaurant, its advisable to check if the subject accepts euro or credit cards. Some stores, bars or restaurants dont accept credit cards so be carefull and take some cash money.

There are over 15 ATM Machines in Rovinj, usually situated near banks or hotels. The ATM machines operate in several different languages so its very easy to use them. To exchange money You can use one of many exchange offices in Rovinj. Even some hotels offer the money exchange services.


Internet in Rovinj

Over the past years the quality of Internet connection and access in Rovinj has drastically increased and improved.

There are many locations in Rovinj offering a free access to the WiFi Hotspot Croatia network. Many bars and restaurants provide a good wifi Internet connection but You have to ask them the password.

Many of 3, 4 or 5 star hotels, private accommodation apartments and camping sites offer a free wifi Internet connection and the costs are usually included in the price of the accommodation.


Yacht charter in Rovinj Croatia

ACI Marina Rovinj Croatia

Rovinj has two ports: a more open one in the north and a smaller, more sheltered one in the south. To the north of the Old town is the bay Valdibora (Sjeverna luka – northern port), and in the south the bays Juzna luka (south port). The harbors are well protected from bora and south wind, but exposed to the west and southwest winds.

With its two seaports (Valdibora and Katarina) which allow mooring for luxury yachts, the Rovinj port is increasingly becoming a destination for cruises from around the world. Rovinj was a thriving fishing port but today you will find many sailing yachts and leisure craft leisurely moored in the harbour alongside the colourful fishing boats.

Ships with lenght of up to 5 m can be moored at the quay of the northern harbor (fuel supply); a quay in front of the shore is used to moor larger ships (sea depth 20-24 m). The south harbor is protected by a breakwater.

The marina ACI Rovinj has 420 berths in the sea and 100 berths on land for boats up to 4 to 13 m in length. Ships with a lenght up to 5.5 m can (on the outside) moor ships up to 3 m in depth. The local dometisc owners of boats and smaller yachts have berths at the wharf.

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Excursion and daytrips

Rovinj Excursions and Tours

Day trips can include boat excursions around the islands, visits to picturesque Istrian medieval hilltop villages, the town of Pula with its’ magnificent Roman amphitheatre and Venice…

There are loads of things to do around the city. Venice is a quick ferry ride away. The ferry leaves from Rovinj and takes about two hours. Brijuni Islands National Park offer unspoiled views for the romantics. There are many other cities around Rovinj for travelers to explore.

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Rovinj Wedding

Rovinj Weddings

The town of Rovinj is situated in Istria and is a romantic walled town built on a peninsula like so many of the delightful coastal ones that are found in Croatia. Over recent years it has become one of the most popular holiday destinations in this lovely country. Situated on the beautiful west coast of Istria, Rovinj is probably the most romantic place in the Mediterranean.

This atmosphere can only be found here. The city began its romantic life on an island, a limited space, which made sense of the city structure of closely built houses, narrow streets and small squares.

In Rovinj-Rovigno and the surrounding area you will experience the wonderful nature, fill your heart and soul with love and your memories will enrich you with romance that can be found only in this small corner of the Mediterranean Sea.

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