Beaches in Rovinj Croatia

Rovinj is well known for clean sea and beautiful coastal scenery. The mix of green and shady beach sections mixed with rocky shoreline areas, convince many tourists to visit Rovinj every summer.

Best Beaches in Rovinj Croatia

Apart from commercial and crowded beaches like city, hotel and camp beaches – for those who do not prefer overcrowded areas and are in search for a little bit of privacy, there are many small and hidden coves which still offers an atmosphere of intimacy.

If You are a sandy beach lover You will be a little bit disappointed at first beacuse all of 20 Rovinj beaches are mainly rocky and mixed with pebbles. Overall, the disappoitment wont last long when You realize the beauty and feel the natural blend of the Rovinj coastline and sea.

As the city of Rovinj is located in North Adriatic, the bath season starts in May and lasts till October with an average sea temperature around 24° C.

The coastline is mainly rocky with numerous interchanging caves and bays. Beaches in Rovinj are rocky or covered with small round stones – peebles or gravel and are appropriate for families with children who can enjoy and play safely in the sea. On mostly beaches the access to the sea is very easy and favorable for older persons, too.

For individuals who like cliff jumping there are a few beaches with high cliffs which fall direct into the sea and make it ideal for acrobatic stunts.

Beaches situated in the straight vicinity of the town, hotels and camping sites areas are equipped with additional beach facilities like showers, sunshades, sunbeds, toilets, dressing rooms, beach bars, restaurants and rentals.

Rovinj is also a well know naturist (FKK) destination with a number of beaches arranged for nudism fans and a large exclusive naturist resort /camping site – Valalta, situated just a few kilometers north of the Rovinj city center.

The lush and heterogeneous submarine life offer a great oportunity to snorkell and explore the rich underwater flora & fauna. If You are a sport type of person and like an active vacation – there are plenty of sport facilities like bike rental, beach volley, mini golf,… If You like water sports You can try a windsurfing or water skiing.

Being the most dog-friendly city in whole region of Istria, Rovinj offers a fairly number of beaches officially declared as – „dog friendly“ which usually include a special designed additional facilities like dog washing areas with dog showers and doggy waste bins. Read the full list of dog friendly beaches in Rovinj where You can take Your dog safely.

Discover and explore your own favorite beach in Rovinj, Croatia and find your favorite spot under the sun. Here’s our overview of the best beaches in Rovinj


Best Rovinj beaches – The complete list

Here’s our overview of the best beaches in Rovinj Croatia!

Monte Mulini Beach (Moulin Rouge)

Monte Mulini Beach Rovinj Croatia

Once an unattractive rocky coast, finally renewed in 2014 – Monte Mulini beach has became an exclusive and most visited Rovinj city beach. Infact, Monte Mulini is the first beach on the southern side of Rovinj and stretches from a newbuilt ACI Marina Rovinj, extends near by 3 luxury Rovinj hotels (Hotel Lone, Hotel Monte Mulini and Hotel Eden) and ends at the entrance of the park forest Golden Cape (Zlatni rt, also known as Punta Corrente). Northern part of the beach features modern architectural style with lots of green areas mixed with white concrete making it ideal for resting and enjoying the sun. The beach is filled with pebbles and include facilities such as benches, showers, toilets, bars and rentals. Monte Mulini beach is situated in a non traffic zone and the parking is located at the entrance to the marine, just 10 minutes from the beach or on the road towards Grand Park Hotel. It is important to note that Monte Mulini beach knows to be overcrowded during the summer months.

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The Beach of the Island Katarina

Island Katarina (Catherine) Beach
Island Katarina (Catherine) Beach

Situated on the Island of Sv. Katarina (St. Catherine island) – one of the most amazing islands of Rovinj’s archipellago, the beach of the island hotel Katarina is a rocky and pebble beach featuring bathing plateaus and lying areas, relatively flat and very suitable for children. Wherever you are situated on the island of St. Katarina, you will find many beautiful rocky beaches, surrounded by shady pine trees and crystal clear blue waters. From the beach which is distancted only 100 meters from the mainland, you can see the Rovinj city with its historic core and Rovinj picturesque streets. The beach can be reached by taxi boats which depart every hour exactly from the pier of the Delfin port in Rovinj. The trip lasts around 5 minutes in total.

The eastern side of the island Katarina features a hotel and some of the most popular beaches including amazing coves as well. There is possible to find many facilities such as: restaurants, coffee bars, pools, diving center, beach volley, childern playground and rentals.

The north and the western part of the island of Sv. Katarina (St. Catherine) are distinguished by rocky shore and cliffs up to 15 meters high – well know as Golden rock, Bronze rock and Silver rocks.

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Zlatni rt (Golden Cape, Punta Corrente) Beach

Golden-Cape-(Zlatni-rt)-Beach Rovinj Croatia
Golden Cape (Zlatni-rt) Beach Rovinj Croatia

Zlatni rt (Golden Cape) Beach is located south of the newly renewed ACI Marina and Lone Bay, just one and a half kilometer from the Rovinj old town center. The surrounding forest – a nature reserve Zlatni rt (Punta Corrente) – is one of the most beautiful parks on the Croatian Adriatic sea and feature numerous native plant species which grow abundantly on this location, as well many exotic trees that were planted.

Zlatni rt (Golden Cape, Punta Corrente) beach is the largest and most visited public beach in Rovinj, with calm water, makes bathing ideal for children and invites for snorkeling. The 2 kilometers long rocky beach has many pebble coves beach and features a beautifull landscaped waterfront, where you can enjoy a long walk to the Kuvi Beach. On the beach you will find restaurants, cafeˈs, dressing rooms and toilets. The beach offer includes bike rentals, motor boat rentals, paddle boat rentals and jet skiing. Numerous trees and other autochthonous vegetation offer shade all the day long, making this beach an ideal chilling location, too.

This beach is almost ideal for adventourus tourists and nature lovers in search for an exceptional experience. On Zlatni rt (Golden Cape, Punta Corrente) Beach, pets are allowed.

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Kuvi Beach

Kuvi Beach Rovinj Croatia

Kuvi Beach stretches 700 meters along the coast and it is located approximately three kilometers southern from the city center of Rovinj. The beach is made of fine gravel with rocky parts and its suitable for family with children. Near Kuvi beach there is a Resort Villas Rubin featuring rich gastronomic offer where you can stay entire day and enjoy your vacation. An additional advantage of Kuvi Bay are numerous coffee bars and beach bars all along the beach as well beach facilities like showers, dressing rooms and toilets. If You are a sport type of person, there are many recreational facilities, too.  There is no traffic near the beach so its reachable only using a bike or by foot. The surrounding dense pine forrest and numerous beach facilities make this beach a perfect choice for tourists willing to enjoy the beach all day long.

Kuvi Beach facilities: bar in the vicinity, restaurant in the vicinity, kiosk with food and beverages

Sport facilities: table tennis, tennis, mini golf, volleyball and water polo.

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Kurent Beach

Kurent Beach Rovinj Croatia

Kurent Beach is located south of the ACI Marina Rovinj, 1.5 km from the city of Rovinj. Kurent is a beautiful bay with amazing rocky, gravel and pebbly beaches featuring various sport and activities on grassy area such as volleyball, football, badminton or frisby. Because of a clean and high quality sea, Kurent Beach is a favorite place for many tourists and swimmers. In the vicinity of the beach there are lots of old ciniferous trees providing shade all the day long. Kurent Beach beach is ideal for families with small children and older persons. There is a snack bar offering food and beverages, a pier with temporary berths and dressing rooms.

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Lone Beach

lone beach rovinj croatia
Lone Beach Rovinj Croatia

Stretching all along the beautifull Lone bay, the Lone Beach is well known as one of the most visited beaches in Rovinj. The beach is situated on the entrance of a park forest Golden Cape (Zlatni rt or Punta Corrente), just 15 minutes of walk and approximately 1500 meters from the Rovinj Old Town center. Sitting on the beach or swimming, You can see and enjoy the awsome landscape view of the Rovinj Old town and the Chuch of St. Euphemia. Pebbly, graveled and well arranged, Lone beach is ideal for families with children and seniors who enjoy swimming, sunbathing and playing. For all those who like privacy, there are other smaller rocky beaches in the vicinity. The beach offers a snack bar and a sports center where you can rent equipment for diving, rent a boat, surfboards, pedal boats, deck chairs or umbrella. In the vicinity of the beach there are many hotels like Hotel Lone, Hotel Grand Park, Hotel Mulini, Hotel Eden – with pool complexes and sports fields. Lone Beach is not accessible by car – you must use a bicycle or walk to arrive there. The nearest free parking spot is located within 10 minutes from the beach.

The entire Lone Bay is popular nautical destination, excellent for motor boats and yacht anchoring. In the vicinity there is a recently renewed luxury ACI Marina Rovinj with over 200 berths, yacht services, shops, coffee bars and restaurants.

Lone Beach in Rovinj is recommended for: families with small children, older people, fun & sports.

Lone Beach offers the following facilities: bar in the vicinity, restaurant in the vicinity, showers, kiosk with food and beverages.

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Beach Camping Veštar

Veštar Beach Rovinj Croatia
Veštar Beach Rovinj Croatia

Veštar Beach is located five kilometers south of the city of Rovinj and its essential part of Veštar camping site. To reach Veštar Beach You must drive in the Pula direction and then turn right at Kokuletovica – the road will lead You straight in front of the Veštar camping site. There You can leave Your car, enter the camping and reach the beach. The alternative way to visit the beach using a car is to turn left just before the camping entrance and follow the unasphalted road. Following this path, remember to turn right at every croassroads to finnaly get to the beach.

Because of its clean sea, quality and beauties, the Veštar beach is awarded with a Blue flag. The beach is pebbly which spreads 700 meters along the coastline and its ideal for families with children. It has many facilities and sevices such as life-saving equipment, life-guards, first aid, restaurant in the vicinity, kiosk with food and beverages, bar in the vicinity, showers, recycable waste facilities, sanitary facilities for the disabled and more. The guards are on duty from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Northern part of Veštar bay – the Cape Babo has many rocky beaches and it is reserved for naturists. The beach has information board and posters with environmental information, and it actively takes part in many activities.

Beach type:

  • fine gravel beach,
  • Blue Flag beach.

Sport oportunities:

  • volleyball,
  • water polo,
  • mini golf,
  • tennis,
  • table tennis.

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Beach Gustinja Rovinj

Gustinja Beach Rovinj Croatia

Gustinja Beach is situated 7 kilometers south of the city of Rovinj. To reach this beautiful bay you have to use a car, park in the Cisterna Bay and then continue by foot – it takes about ten minutes to reach the sea. The best alternative way to get there is by boat. Gustinja Bay is a wild beach with no sanitary facilities, no gastronomic or any type of services. The closest services are located three kilometers away – in campsite Vestar. In Gustinja Bay there are many small, intimate and hidden coves which makes this beach ideal for naturists. The most attractive beaches are two small coves made of gravel which are also almost ideal for families with small children. Other parts of the bay are mailnly rocky. Its highly recommended to prepare Yourself for a longer stay and take sunshades and other beach equipment. As we said before, Gustinja beach is difficult to reach and thats the reason you will easily find a perfect place to stay – it never gets overcrowed.

Beach type:

  • gravel beach,
  • rocky beach,
  • nudist beach.

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Beach Škaraba Rovinj

Škaraba Beach Rovinj Croatia

Škaraba Beach is located within the protected forest Zlatni rt-Golden Cape, only 3 kilometers from the Old town center of Rovinj. The beach offers pleasant shade during the entire day and the coast is mostly rocky including a few smaller bays. Škaraba Beach features clean water and soft, gently access to the sea and its a popular choice for families with children. There is a free parking near by the beach but it knows to be overcrowded durning the summer months.

In the western part of Škaraba Bay there are several smaller beaches with high rocks suitable for diving and ideal for all those who enjoy jumping (not for families with children or older persons). Even this part of Škaraba beach is not defined as a naturist beach, its a pretty popular among naturists. Take note that this part is know for its strong sea currents so we advise You to be cautious.

The East of Cape Škaraba also known as Big Škaraba bay is ideal for swimming and jumping into the sea. The entire bay is covered with small rounded stones.

Part of Škaraba Cape doesn’t offer any kind of services, sanitary or gastronomic facilities. To find service you will have to walk to a Kurent Cape and Kurent Bay, where you can find a snack-bar or a restaurant. Škaraba Cape is primary recommended for romantic couples, adventure individuals, singles and young people.

Beach type:

  • natural beach,
  • rocky beach.

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Beaches Crveni Otok Rovinj

Beaches on Red Island (St Andrew) Rovinj Croatia

Red Island (St. Andrew island or Crveni otok) is the largest island of the Rovinj archipelago and its situated just a few hundred meters from the Rovinj Old town center. The island is connected with a smaller island called Maškin by a mound. To get on Red Island visitor must take a taxi boat from the Rovinj center (pier Delfin) and it takes about 15 mintues drive to get there. The beaches on Red Island are partly gravel with mixed stones – with a few concrete parts. On the southern side – in front the Island Hotel Istra, there is a pebbly beach awarded with a Blue flag. On this beach you can find a great touristic offer consisted of a restaurant, bar, playgrounds for children, showers, dressing rooms, toliets, pools and a variety of water sport activites like surfing, diving, pedal boats and charter boats rental. There is a little pier just near the Island Hotel Istra with the possibility of boat mooring. Also, there is a naturist (FKK) beach on the island too. The western side of the Red island is mainly rocky with high rocks and cliffs suitable for jumping.

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Amarin Beach Rovinj

Amarin Beach Rovinj Croatia

Amarin Beach is situated 3 km north of the center of Rovinj in tourist resort ˝Amarin˝. The beach is pebbly, paved and rocky, well know as one the best beaches in Rovinj. Because of the vicinity of the touristic resort „Amarin“, the beach features many rental facilities like sailboards, deckchairs, pedal boats, sunshades and scooters. There is also a great choice of bars, restaurants, different shops and an outdoor pool. Amarin beach has a gently, soft access to the sea and its suitable for families with kids or older persons. Also to mention, this beach is a „Blue flag beach“  which means it is clean, safe and include great tourist facilities. The lifeguards are on duty from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. (June 1 to September 30). From the beach You can enjoy an amazing view of the Rovinj old center and Figarola island. Its important to note that Amarin beach is an essential part of Amarin Tourist Resort so its possible that You will be obligated to pay the entrance fee (if You are not a guest of the tourist resort).

Beach type:

  • Blue Flag beach,
  • fine gravel beach,
  • concrete beach,
  • rocky beach.

Recommended for:

  • fun & sports,
  • adventure,
  • romantic couples,
  • older people,
  • families with small children.

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Maria Theresia Beach

Maria Theresia Beach Rovinj Croatia

Beach Maria Theresia also known as „the beach under the hospital“ – is located between the „Primarius dr. Martin Horvat“ hospital and camping site Porton Biondi. Mainly rocky, Maria Theresia beach consists of 2 sandy bays usually overcrowded by tourists. The beach can be reached by car and there is a planty free parking places near by. If You prefer walking, You will need around 20-25 minutes from the Rovinj center. Maria Theresia Beach can accommodate a large number of persons and features a beautiful view on the Rovinj Old town and the island Figarola. You can refresh yourself at the beach bar and if you get bored you can rent a paddle or play beach volley.

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Cisterna Beach

Cisterna Beach Rovinj Croatia

Situated seven kilometers south of Rovinj, Cisterna Beach features soft pebbly and flat entrance to the sea, almost ideal for families with children. The turquoise colored sea is very clean and the nature is amazing – mostly featuring Meditteranean macchia and autochthonous oak tree.

Cisterna Beach and Bačvice Bay are considered one of the most beautifull beaches in a southern part of the Rovinj coast. Infact, the beach is consisted of two bays – Cisterna and Bačvice bay featuring gravel and sand – some 10 to 12 meters from the waterfont, accessable during the low tide times only. The beach is wild so its important to note that there are no many beach facilities like showers, cabins, toilets, lifeguards, sunbeds…During the summer time the beach is crowded with tourists so we suggest to come earlier in order to find a nice spot and enjoy all the day long. In the vicinity there is a family owned restuarant and a beach bar offering cold and hot drinks.

Near Cisterna beach there is no parking regulation so You need to find your own place to park Your vehicle. When You are there we strongly suggest You to visit the an ornithological reserve Palud, situated in the vicinity of the beach.

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Villas Rubin Beach

Villas Rubin Beach Rovinj Croatia

Villas Rubin Beach is an essential part of Villas Rubin Touristic resort and it is considered one of the best and largest beaches in Rovinj. The beach is located three kilometers from the Rovinj Old town center and its popular among locals, especially during the weekends. The beach features a Blue flag award and spreads one and a half kilometers along the Rovinj waterfront. Blue flag certificate indicates that the sea quality is extraordinary and checked on regular basis. Villas Rubin beach is a rocky/gravel type of beach and features many facilities like coffee bars, restaurants, kiosks, dressing rooms, emergency station, pool complex, naturist beach, lifeguard, toilets, showers, boats rental, water sports, deckchair hire, diving center, tennis courts, beach volley, bike rental… Because its soft and shallow entrance to the sea, Villas Rubin Beach is suitable for small children and disabled persons. If You are looking for a parking spot, there is a free parking space just in front of the entrance in Villas Rubin resort (5 minutes from the beach). As the beach is a part of the resort there is a possibility of paying an entrance fee to enter. The northern part of the beach is covered with autochthonous vegetation such as olive trees and macchia, while the southern part is without any vegegation.

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Camping Polari Beach

Camping Polari Beach Rovinj Croatia
Camping Polari Beach Rovinj Croatia

As the name suggests, Polari Beach is an essential part of Camping Polari – a camping site situated four kilometers south from the town of Rovinj, in the vicinity of Villas Rubin Resort. The beach is mainly peebly with smaller rocky parts and its ideal for families with little children. Beacuse it is situated inside the camping area, Camping Polari beach features many facilities like toilets, playgrounds, showers, dressing rooms, beach chairs, sunshades , water sports rentals, lifequard, bars, restaurants, sport and different rental facilities. Also there is a possibility for paying an entrance fee to visit the beach (if You are not a camping site guest). From the beach its possible to see an amazing view of the Rovinj Archipelago islandsMaškin, St. Andrew (Red Island), St. John and Sturago. Pets are allowed on the beach. If You are a passionate camper and in search for a nice beach, Camping Polari and Polari Beach are the right choice for You. On the south side of the bay there is a liitle harbour offering mooring only for camping guests. If You are looking for a parking spot, the best that You park Your vehicle near by the entrance of the camping site. It takes just 10 minutes to get to the beach.

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Borik Beach

Borik Beach Rovinj Croatia
Borik Beach Rovinj Croatia

Located in a calm residential area north of Rovinj, Borik Beach (also called Val de Lesso Beach) is one of the best beaches around. The beach features many facilities like dressing rooms, showers, litter bins, restaurants, beach bars…The southern part of the beach is dog frendly. There is a free parking available in a pine forest near by the beach. Borik beach is rocky mixed with pebbles and well connected with the surrounding tourist resorts.

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Balsamake Beach

Balsamake Beach Rovinj Croatia

Balsamake Beach is a small stone beach situated near by the Golden Cape park forest, just a few kilometers from the city of Rovinj. The beach is not suitable for small kids and families because the declivous entrance to the sea. The surrounding area offers pine tree shade and big flat stones suitable for laying and enjoying the sun. As part of the Golden Cape park forest we suggest You to go for a long walk or a bicylce tour. There is a free parking space avilable 500 meters from the beach. Balsamake beach is very favored by locals and features facilities such as a beach bar and a restaurant.

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Dagita Beach

Dagita beach Rovinj Croatia
Dagita beach Rovinj Croatia

Dagita Beach is a wild rocky beach situated seven kilometers from Rovinj. In order to reach this beach You need to drive in Pula direction and at Kokuletovica turn right and follow the road to Veštar camping site. At that point You need to follow the direction to Cisterna bay and when reached, leave You car beacause the beach is not accessible by car. The beach is mostly rocky and include a raw and difficult entrance to the sea. Its fair enought to say that Dagita beach is not reccommended for older persons and children as well. There are not many spots with natural three shade and not any facilities at all. Because its hard reachable, Dagita beach is not overcrowded and its suitable for nudists. The best way to reach this beach is using a boat.

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Porton Biondi Beach

Porton Biondi Beach in Rovinj
Porton Biondi Beach in Rovinj

Porton Biondi Beach is located north of the Rovinj city center, in the vicinity of Porton Biondi camping site – just 15 minutes of walking from the center. If You come by car, there are two parking areas available: parking near the rowing club and a smaller parking near the Fish Factory Mirna. The beach is mostly rocky and concrete with a few gravel inlets featuring an easy entrance to the sea which makes it suitable for families with small children or older persons. The beach is surrounded by a green area but there is no shade at all. Anyway, there is a possibility to rent a sunshades on the beach. Porton Biondi beach features facilities like diving center, sports activities and rentals, bars & beach bars, restaurants, toilets and others. This beach is very popular among tourist beacuse of a stunning view of the Rovinj peninsula and a Rovinj Old City center. During the summer months, Porton Biondi beach knows to be overcrowded but You can always find a place to stay.

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Island Maškin Beach

Maškin Island Beach Rovinj Croatia

The Island of Maškin is located south of the city of Rovinj and its well know naturist (FKK) spot. It is  linked by a causeway with the island of Saint Andrew (Red Island, Crveni otok) – which is accessible by a hourly boat line directly from the Rovinj city center (pier Delfin). The Maškin beach is a rocky mixed with pebbles and features crystal clean water and amazing nature. Due to the difficult entrance, strong sea currents and large seaside rocks, the beach is not reccommended for older persons, non-swimmers and children. The whole Island Maškin underwater is an attractive and popular diving destination.

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Monte (Baluota) Beach

Monte Balota Beach-Rovinj Croatia

Monte or Baluota Beach is situated in the center of the town of Rovinj, very close to the famous St. Euphemia church, just a few minutes of walk from the main Rovinj square. The beach features big rocky stones ideal for sunbathing but it is not suitable for children and older persons because its declivous entrance to the sea. The Monte beach is 150-200 meters long and its divided in several parts: Big Guguliera, Little Guguliera, Balouta and Lanterna beach. There are no trees and natural shade at all, so it is preferable to take your own sun protection gear. Just a few meters from the beach there are several coffee bars and restaurants offering cold drinks. There are not available parking spots near the beach, because vehicle traffic is forbidden in the city center. Monte (Baluota) Beach offers an amazing view of the St. Katherine island and an beautifull sunset view as well.

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Valdaliso Beach

Valdaliso Beach Rovinj Croatia
Valdaliso Beach Rovinj Croatia

Valdaliso Beach is located near the homonymous camping site Valdaliso. The northern part of the beach is gravel beach while the south side is rocky beach. This beach is very interesting for those who are active, because in the radius of 100m is soccer field, basketball court, tennis court, playground Boce, rent canoes or trampoline and diving club. Part of the beach is covered with pine trees where you can find shade during hot summer days. The beach has a snack bar with grilled meats, ice cream and cold drinks. From beach stretch view on of the island Figarola, island Katarina and on the old city of Rovinj. From the town, beach is 3km away, just 500m from the tourist resort Amarin. The beach can be reached by car, walk or bike.

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Rules of conduct on the beaches in Rovinj

Before entering the sea its very important to take a little time to explore the beach, especially the depth and the entrance in order to aviod falls and injuries. When diving its essential to use a signaling buoy which enables the boats to see your position.

Majroity of Rovinj beaches have a waste disposal facilities but if You plan to visit a wild beach we suggest You not to leave Your garbage on the beach.

Be aware that being on the wild, remote beach may results in the lack of GSM signal. Its prohibited to light the fire on the seaside beacuse its very possible to cause a fire during the high temperature summer months.

Respect and preserve the Adriatic sea in the sense that you do not catch, collect or damage the protected seaweed, shells and mammals.

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