Glamping in Rovinj

For many years Rovinj has been a popular destination for campers from all over the Europe. In the past few years we have notest an upcoming and growing camping trend in Rovinj – its Glamping!

Glamping in Rovinj Croatia

So, what is glamping all about? Glamping is a fusion of camping and luxury which takes ordinary camping to a whole new level. The root name „glamping“ – is generated from the english words „Glam – glamorous“ and „Ping – camping“.

The advantages of glamping is that it offers a comfortable camping in the nature without the need to recede the gains of modern living such as:

  • air conditioning,
  • satelite television,
  • microwave owen,
  • shower,
  • coffee machine,
  • hot water,
  • furnished kitchen,
  • comfortable beds…

If You are a camping lover who enjoy staying in the nature, but in the same time want to be comforatble and practical – glamping is the right chioce for You!

Lets expolore the glamping offers in the city of Rovinj, Croatia!


Glamping Sites in Rovinj – Comparison Table

If You have no time to explore the entire Glamping accommodation offer, here are our favorite Rovinj Glamping Sites!


Best Glamping sites in Rovinj

Bell Tents Rovinj Glamping

Bell tents Galmping Rovinj Croatia
Bell tents Galmping in Rovinj Croatia

Bell Tents Glamping is situated inside the camping site Porton Biondi in Rovinj, just two kilometers from the Rovinj Old town. The tents are intairely made of ecological materials and offer a high level of comfort and cosiness. Located in the tree shade just 50 meters from the sea, every tent in the the Bell Tents glamping feature a private wooden terrace, free wifi Internet access, free parking, mini bar, kitchen accessories, electric kettles, biodegradable glasses and plates. For a relaxing and a nature-friendly summer vacation, Bell Tents Glamping in Rovinj is a perfect place to stay.


Glamping tent Bura

Glamping tent Bura Rovinj
Glamping tent Bura in Rovinj

Glamping tent Bura is located in the Porton Biondi caping site, in a vicinity of the seafront and just kilometer and a half rom the Rovinj Old town center.  The tent is 20 square meters big and features an amazing seaview, garden, terrace, free wifi Internet access, dinning area, fully furnished kitchen, stove and a fridge. The parking place is free of charge and pets are welcome.


Glamping tent Jugo

Glamping tent Jugo Rovinj Croatia
Glamping tent Jugo in Rovinj Croatia

Glamping tent Jugo is a beachfront accommodation distanced just two kilometers from the city of Rovinj. The tent has a terrace and features an amazing seaview from the garden. There are a wifi internet access and a parking spot free of charge. The room surface is 20 square meters and features a dinning area, equipped kitchen, stove, coffee maker and a refrigerator.


Easyatent Bungalow Tent Veštar

Easyatent Bungalow Tent Veštar Rovinj
Easyatent Bungalow Tent in Veštar Rovinj

Easyatent Bungalow Tent in Vestar camping site is ideal for families up to 5 persons. Also, there is a possibility to add an additional bed for 1 person. The tent has lots of space and features a refirgerator, baby cot, chairs, equipped kitchenette with a fridge, kettle and a stove. Wifi Internet access and a parking spot are free of charge. Vestar Easyatent Bungalow Tent offer a garden view terrace.


Easyatent Safari Tent Veštar

Easyatent Safari tent Veštar Rovinj
Easyatent Safari tent in Veštar Rovinj

Easyatent Safari Tent Vestar offers a luxurious camping for 5 persons in a living area of 37.5 square meters. Except sanitary facilities, every the Easyatent Safari Tent features a fully furnished kitchen, wooden porch, lounge & canopy set, water machine, wardrobe, one double bed, one single bed and a bunkbed. There are a dining area and/or a terrace available for some units. The parking spot and wifi Internet access are free of charge.


Easyatent Safari Tent Polari

Easyatent Safari tent Polari Rovinj
Easyatent Safari tent in Polari Rovinj

Ideal for families up to 5 members, the Easyatent Safari Tent Polari offers 37.5 square meters of living space for a relaxing vacation. Every tent feature a equipped kitchen, lounge set, table, chairs, wardrobe, 1 double bed, 1 single bed and a bunkbed. If You want your own wc & toilet, both are available in the „safari tent deluxe“ option.


Easyatent Safari tent XXL Deluxe Polari (with sanitar)

The Safari Tent Deluxe can accommodate up to 5 persons and features a toilet, shower, water machine, chairs, wardrobe, wooden porch, loung set, furnished kitchen… This tent offers a free wifi Internet access and free parking for Your vehicle. Easyatent Safari tent XXL Deluxe Polari include a large living area of approximate 45 square meters with the tent dimension of 5x.8.75 meters plus the outside terrace.

Luxury safari tent Polari

With the living area of almost 38 square meters (aproximate 5×7.5 meters), the Luxury safari tent Polari offer all modern facilities like a fully furnished kitchen, your own sanitary facilities, lounge set, porch, water machine, table & chairs. This luxury tent can accommodate up to 5 persons maximum and features one double bed, 1 single bed and a bunkbed. There is a possibility to rent a baby cot and a safe cot. The side between the the living space and the porch are removable so its possible to get an extra living space.


Amarin Easyatent Bungalow Tent

Easyatent Bungalow Tent Amarin Rovinj
Easyatent Bungalow Tent in Amarin Rovinj

Located in Amarin camping site, the Amarin Easyatent Bungalow Tent is a perfect choice for large families or a group of friends consisted of maximum 6 persons. Every tent offer a spacious living area which include chairs, dishes, refrigerator, cupboards, sunbeds, electric tea maker, stovetop… The parking place for Your vehicle and a wifi Internet access are free of charge.


Glamping camp Val Saline (Adriatic Kamp)

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