Wellness in Rovinj

Wellness is a trend many people talk about, but there are few places where this part of the tourist offer gets the attention it deserves.

Wellness & Spa in Rovinj Croatia

In Rovinj, wellness and spa centers are complete with state-of-the-art equipment, carefully designed to the very last detail, and they perfectly supplement the natural Mediterranean ambient they are situated in.

The educated and friendly staff is the final touch making Rovinj unique thematic wellness centers a magic place of relaxation and beauty.


Best Wellnes & Spa in Rovinj

Wellness Centre in Hotel Lone

This wellness centre is situated inside the Hotel Lone in Rovinj and merged with Hotel Monte Mulinni Spa. Wellness Centre in Hotel Lone features body and face treatments, as well different types of massages and baths. Special accent is given to an individual approach to each guest. This wellness is known as one of the best wellness centers in Croatia.

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Wellness Centre Otok in Hotel Istra

Situated in the Hotel Istra on a island of Sv. Andrija (just ten minutes by boat from Rovinj), the Wellness Centre Otok is the largest and best equipped wellness center in the whole Istrian region. The center features many different types of body/face treatments and massages as well. Wellness Centre Otok offers a unique relax treatments in an autochthonous outdoor Mediterranean garden.

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Art Wellness Centre

Art Wellness Centre is located in a 5-star Monte Mullini Hotel in Rovinj and its based on a Mediterranean concept featuring 4 elements: stones, wood, water and gold. The center interrior design is astonishing while the friendly and proffesional stuff will make Your stay an unforgettable experience. The Wellness treatments are enabled only for a Monte Mullini Hotel guests.

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Marwell SPA

Marwell SPA is located inside the Family Hotel Amarin in Rovinj and offers three pools, a hydromassage zone and a termal zone with Kneipp path. This Spa features four types of saunas and a Vitality bar with a great offer of healty drinks and juices.

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Wellness Centre in Hotel Eden

Situated in a Hotel Eden, this wellnes center features different types of aromatic massage, body & cosmetic treatments. There are two pools (outside pool and interrior pool) and a great fitness center featuring a special cradio program making this wellness an ideal body and spirit relaxing point.

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Beauty Salon in Valalta Naturist Camp

Located in Valalta Naturist camp, the Vital center features differnt types of massages and cosmetic treatments. The proffesional and friendly stuff will be at Your disposal and make this stay an amazing experience.

More info about Beauty Salon in Valalta Camping site.


Hotel Grand Park Wellness & Spa

The Hotel Grand Park Wellness & Spa zone is consisted of three essential parts: Albaro Wellness & Spa, the Thermal Zone and the Swim, Sun & Fitness zone.

Albaro Wellness & Spa

With more than 3800 square meters of surface, the Albaro Wellness & Spa offers saunas, pools, sun decks and many more. The key features of the Albaro Wellness & Spa are signature treatments and Cosmetic lines.

Signature Treatments

The Spa zone features 3 signature treatments in total: Pelinkovac Rakija Ritual, Olive Press Ceremony and Batana Bodywork. Every signature treatment begin by drinking a traditional Istrian remedy – „rakija“.

Cosmetic lines in Albaro Wellness & Spa

Albaro Wellness & Spa is proud to present the own Cosmetic lines based on local remedies used over 2000 years – Pag Solana hand-harvested salt, Helios gea olive oil, essential oils, Esensa Mediterana natural skincare.

  • Omorovicza Luxury Skincare – with thermal water and healing mud for youth-enhancing results.
  • VOYA Organic Luxury from the Sea – organic seaweed remedy used for healing since antiquity.
  • Muse Biofeedback with EEG Headband – clinical-grade EEG that providing real-time audio feedback on your brainwaves.


Thermal Zone

The Grand Hotel Park thermal zone features the following thermal experiences:

  • Finnish Sauna: 90° C & 10% humidity
  • Outdoor Forest Banya: 75° C & 15% humidity
  • Mastic Relax Sauna: 65° C & 40% humidity
  • Absinthium Steam Room: 45° C & 55% humidity
  • Citrus Lift Steam Room: 40° C & 98% humidity
  • Cool Plunge Pools: 10° C
  • Ice Fall
  • Shower Archipelago
  • Wellness Garden Relaxation Area


Swim, Sun & Fitness zone

Situated on the Grand Park Hotel hotel 5th floor, there are a sunbathing area, a Gym, Cissa pool bar and 3 pools.

The gym offers an amazing seaview and features an advanced training with TechnoGym Kinesis. Beside that the guests can improve their physical condition practicing different types of trainings (Monofin Swimming, Kinesis, Rowing Technique, and Suspension Training) using the personal trainer assistence.

Swim, Sun & Fitness zone pool technical characteristics

  • Outdoor infinity leisure pool
  • Pool size 293 m2
  • Pool depth 121.5 cm
  • Fresh water

Sports pool

  • Pool size 258 m2
  • Pool depth 130 cm
  • Fresh water

Relaxation pool

  • Pool size 45.7 m2
  • Pool depth 47 cm
  • Fresh water.

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