Temperature in Rovinj

The city area of town of Rovinj belongs to the Mediterranean climate with submediterranean characteristics, especially the Rovinj inland. The summer is warm, clear and sunny while the winters are mild, cloudy and wetty featuring spring and autumn raindrop caused by the western and southern winds.

Temperature in Rovinj Croatia

In the summertime there is Maestral wind coming from the northwest direction. The average yearly temperature in Rovinj is 12,1°C with 836 millimeters of raindrops. The average yearly cloudline is 4,2 and there are 2437 sunny hours in a year. The sea temperature averages out at a blissful 16.6 °C (61.9 °F), which is perfect for those who enjoy swimming.


Climate and weather forecast for Rovinj

Thanks to its microclimate and the nearby Lim Fjord, the town manages to avoid bad weather influences from the surrounding area. You can see the weather conditions or forecast on the Istramet website.

The climate in Rovinj is very comfortable, Mediterranean, with hot and dry summers and mild and pleasant winters. Rovinj has an average of over 130 sunny days per year, which makes it the sunniest spot on the Istrian peninsula.

Even though Rovinj is predominantly known as a summer destination, the climate is pleasant almost all year long, especially from the beginning of May to end of October. Outside the high-season period, the average temperature is around 20 °C, still with an acceptable number of rainy days. Even during the coldest winter months, the average monthly temperature floats around 8 °C.

The specific atmospheric conditions benefit mind, body and soul. Of course, they are very favorable for outdoor activities, no matter if only for evening relaxation in one of the bars at the seafront, or for outdoor fitness activities. Whilst in July and August the daily maximum temperatures exceed quite often 35 °C, the evenings are more pleasant and bring some refreshment. The same months bring about 13 sunny hours daily, with an average of only 3 rainy days per month.


Sea temperature and sea bathing water quality of the beaches in Rovinj

The sea water around Rovinj is extremely clean, as clearly shown from the quality measurements on over 30 locations, all of them regularly achieving excellent results all year round. Additionally, five beaches in Rovinj boast the Blue Flag – an international indication of high environmental and quality standards.

The water around Rovinj is rich in natural salts, sulfates and magnesium, known for their extraordinary therapeutic benefits. During the bathing season (Maiy-October) the temperature of the water floats at 23 °C.

For an overview of the sea water temperatures and sea cleanliness, click here.

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