Monte (Baluota) Beach


Monte or Baluota beach is situated in the center of the town of Rovinj, very close to the famous St. Euphemia church, just a few minutes of walk from the main Rovinj square.

The beach features big rocky stones ideal for sunbathing but it is not suitable for children and older persons because its declivous entrance to the sea.

The Monte beach is 150-200 meters long and its divided in several parts: Big Guguliera, Little Guguliera, Balouta and Lanterna beach.

There are no trees and natural shade at all, so it is preferable to take your own sun protection gear. Just a few meters from the beach there are several coffee bars and restaurants offering cold drinks.

There are not available parking spots near the beach, because vehicle traffic is forbidden in the city center.

Monte (Baluota) Beach offers an amazing view of the St. Catherine island and an beautifull sunset view as well.

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