Kuvi Beach


Kuvi Beach is located between the beach Balzamake/Škaraba beach and tourist resort Villas Rubin. Apart from this two sides, you can come with car by road to the restaurant Kuvi.

Most of the beach is rocky while the two beach sites are consisted of small pebbles and are suitable for younger children. Around the Kuvi beach there is a forest where you can seek shade during the hot summer days. Small snack bar will serve you a cold drink, ice cream, sandwich or rent deck chairs while on the other side there is a tavern with local gastronomic specialties.

View from the beach stretches on the Red Island (Crvenoi otok) and other smaller islands of Rovinj archipelago.

This beach is suitable for those who like to enjoy in peace without sports activities. On one side of the beach there are a pedestrian path and a bike trail while on the other side there is a dense pine wood.

In the vicinity of the Centener settlment there is a parking spot where You can park Your vehicle.

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