Beach Camping Veštar

Veštar Beach Rovinj Croatia

Veštar Beach is located five kilometers south of the city of Rovinj and its essential part of Veštar camping site.

To reach Veštar Beach You must drive in the Pula direction and then turn right at Kokuletovica – the road will lead You straight in front of the Veštar camping site. There You can leave Your car, enter the camping and reach the beach.

The alternative way to visit the beach using a car is to turn left just before the camping entrance and follow the unasphalted road. Following this path, remember to turn right at every croassroads to finally get to the beach.

Because of its clean sea, quality and beauties – the Veštar beach is awarded with a Blue flag. The beach is pebbly and spreads 700 meters along the coast and its ideal for families with children.

It has many facilities and sevices such as life-saving equipment, life-guards, first aid, restaurant in the vicinity, kiosk with food and beverages, bar in the vicinity, showers, recycable waste facilities, sanitary facilities for the disabled and more.

The guards are on duty from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Northern part of Veštar bay – the cape Babo has many rocky beaches and it is reserved for naturists. The beach has an information board and posters with environmental information, and it actively takes part in many activities.

Beach type:

  • fine gravel beach,
  • blue flag beach.

Sport oportunities:

  • volleyball,
  • water polo,
  • mini golf,
  • tennis,
  • table tennis.

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