Gustinja Beach


Gustinja Beach is situated 7 kilometers south of the city of Rovinj. To reach this beautiful bay you have to use a car, park in the Cisterna Bay and then continue by foot – it takes about ten minutes to reach the sea.

The best alternative way to get there is by boat. Gustinja Bay is a wild beach with no sanitary facilities, no gastronomic or any type of services.

The closest services are located three kilometers away – in campsite Vestar. In Gustinja Bay there are many small, intimate and hidden beaches which makes this beach ideal for naturists.

The most attractive beaches are two small coves made of gravel which are also almost ideal for families with small children.

Other parts of the bay are mailnly rocky. Its highly recommended to prepare Yourself for a longer stay and take sunshades and other beach equipment.

As we said before, Gustinja beach is difficult to reach and thats the reason you will easily find a perfect place to stay – it never gets overcrowed.

Beach type:

  • gravel beach,
  • rocky beach,
  • nudist beach.

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