Veštar Island


Veštar is a desolate island located just a few kilometers from the town of Rovinj, right next to the camping site Veštar (the campsite got it’s name by this island).

The island is reachable with private boat or organized trips. The boat docking is no problem because the island own a small boat dock.

On Veštar Island there is no additional entertainment but it doesn’t make it less enjoyable. It’s overgrown with rare Mediterranean macchia so there can be found shade under the high rocks or your own sunshade umbrella. The beaches are easily accessible offering soft entrance to the sea.

On the western side of the island the beaches are ridged with small gravel bays while on the southwest side there are flat rocks with a great view to the open sea and islands.

The Veštar island area is 17.138 square meters.

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