The Fantasia Quarry – Geological Park Monfiorenzo


The Fantasia quarry, well known as Cava di Monfiorenzo is an abandoned quarry located in the Monfiorenzo locality, only two kilometers from the Rovinj city center. Back in 1986 this amazing site was declared a protected geological monument and it is considered one of the most important quarries in the world and an unique showcase of limestone sedimentology.

Since quarrying is carried out by vertical and horizontal sawing, several layers of genetically different types of dolomites are opened in a multi-sectional section with an extraordinarily preserved texture details.

The Fantasia quarry – Geological park Monfiorenzo is particularly important for understanding and interpreting the sedimentary processes in the shallow sea of ancient carbonate platforms (chalk). The area of the protected quarry is 3,388 ha.

When looking the quarry, its like You are reading an open book which pages shows You the past time of the earth crust development process.

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