Maškin Island

Maškin Island Rovinj Croatia

Maškin Island is a little uninhabited island situated just in front the city of Rovinj, Croatia. The area of Maškin island island is 0,095785 km2 and it is connected with the Red island (Crveni otok) by a tight embankment.

The island has a stony and rocky beaches, with a few small bays and it’s mostly visited by naturists. The vegetation is a Mediterranean macchia.

On the northern part of the island ithere s an energy circle surrounded by rocks.

On 28 December 1891 the islands Sv. Andrija and Maškin became the property of the Hutterott family. Thats the reason why on Maškin islands there is situated a Hutterott family mausoleum, built on the place where once was a gradina (prehistoric settlment).

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