The Bay Palud and Dagita


The bay Palud and Dagita seem to be just one big unity. The clean sea, vegetation and peaceful environment make them the perfect destination for the lovers of solitude and untouched nature.

The bay Palud and Dagita are located 7 km southwest of Rovinj, close to Cisterna bay and the ornithological park Palud. Because of their remarkable natural beauty and characteristics, they are part of the protected landscape of the “Rovinj islands and coastal areas”.

The bays are reachable by boat or by land coming to Cisterna and then continuing by foot along the path following the rocky coastline in search of the perfect spot to settle.

The Palud and Dagita bays are wild beaches without any accompanying facilities. They are overgrown by Mediterranean macchia with the predominant coastal oak. Along the beach there is low undergrowth so that shade can be found on easily. The curiosity of the beaches are the pink colored rocks that can not be found in other places.

The beaches are rarely visited so they represent the perfect place for nudists who are in search for peacefull relaxation.

The bay Palud and Dagita are situated in an area rich of flora and fauna and thats the reason why some of the plants or animals are protected – so it’s forbbiden to hunt or collect them.

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