Gustinja Bay & Island


The Gustinja bay is located 7 kilometers southwards of Rovinj and northwards of the Cape Gustinja.

It’s a wild beach ideal for nudists and for those who prefer privacy. It has no additional facilities, only shingle, rocky beaches and crystal clean water.

All along the beach grows the Mediterranean macchia with lot’s of coastal oak trees, and in the summer time it’s full of colorfull red fruits, blackberries and yellow wild flowers.

Because of it’s position (3 km distant from the campsite Veštar) in Gustinja Bay the sea is extremely clean and rich of fish, molluscs and sea plants so it’s a real enjoyment for all the diving lovers.

Because of its thick holm oak forest, the Gustinja cape is regarded as “a forest vegetation reserve.”

Westward from the bay there is the small island called Gustinja with an area of 5.467 square meters. Years ago the fire broke up on the island and all the vegetation was destroyed.

Now the island is covered only by grass. It used to be the nesting place of shags and seagulls which are the symbols of Adriatic coast as well.

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