Red Island (Crveni otok) Beach

Red Island (Crveni otok, St. Andrew Island) is the most famous and largest island of Rovinj archipelago. The island is not connected to the mainland, and if you want to visit the it you will have to use a shipping line which goes every hour.

On the island there is a newly built hotel and a swimming pool – Island Hotel Istra, a biggest wellness center known in the city, a hairdresser’s salon, several restaurants and a supermarket.

The Red Island beach is located around the whole island, in some parts is rock while on the one side is gravel. On the beach you can rent umbrellas and deck chairs, play table tennis, mini golf, rent a boat or diving equipment.

Also, there is a smaller slide for children and the Red Island (Crveni otok) beach is suitable for young and older people.

Red Island is connected by bridge to another island – Maškin island, where you can find a restaurant and nudist beach (FKK).

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