Aquarium in Rovinj

Ruđer Bošković Institute of Rovinj – Rovinj Aquarium

Rovinj Aquarium is situated inside the building of Rudjer Boskovic Institute, which is actually the Center for Marine Research. The institute is founded in 1891st and was a field station of the Berlin aquarium “Zoologische Station der Berliner Aquariums“ – well know for collecting unknown marine organisms.

Rovinj was chosen because of unpolluted sea, and waters rich in fish and plant life.

After 1 World War II from Italy fall under when it is called “Stazione Zoologica di Rovigno” and “Instituto di Biologia Marina per l’Adriatico”.

Decided in separate agreements, Back in the 1931.,the Institute receives two owners – Italian and German.

After the second World War – the Institute changed its name again into „The Marine Biology and Biological Institute Academy Academy.“

Back in 1962. the Institut Ruder Boskovic in Zagreb established its own laboratory – founded todays as “The  Center for Marine Research“.

Rovinj aquarium – with more than three hundred species of marine organism has a century old tradition. This aquarium is considered one of the oldest institutions of its kind in the world.

In thirty lighted aquariums and behind thick glass, there’s the colorful marine life of the Adriatic.

In the aquarium you can see a large number of marine fish such as dentex, sea-bream, mullet, zosterisessor, gof, needles, eel, grouper, sole, sea bass, catfish, sea horse,  sea spider, moruna, striped bream, bream, ray, salpa, sarag, spar, trlja, conger eel, usate, but there are also, octopus, lobster and various other crustaceans, algae, sponges, etc.


Center for Marine Research and Aquarium

With more scientific research laboratories (for ecology, ecophysiology, toxicology …) the center is an open type of institute and aquarium with number of years of constant display of marine flora and fauna.

Rovinj aquarium address:

Obala G. Paliagena 5.

Working hours:

In summer, the aquarium is open from 09-21 hours.

Information phone +385 (0)52 804-712

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