Ruđer Bošković Institute of Rovinj – Rovinj Aquarium

Aquarium in Rovinj

Rovinj Aquarium is situated inside the building of Rudjer Boskovic Institute, which is actually the Center for Marine Research. The institute is founded in 1891st and was a field station of the Berlin aquarium "Zoologische Station der Berliner Aquariums“ - well know for collecting unknown marine organisms. Rovinj was chosen because of unpolluted sea, and waters rich in fish and plant life. After 1...


Old Town of Rovinj (Croatia)

Rovinj has always been recognised by its Old Town centre - the roots of which go back as early as the 7th century BC. Seemingly climbing out of the sea, this is a mountain-isle densely interspersed by apt medieval architecture, dominated by the Baroque and Renaissance styles. The greatest achievement of its density is however ascribed to Baroque; several centuries of medieval measures started to...


Church of St. Euphemia

At the site of the present Church of St. Euphemia was once situated the church of St. George. As the city was developing the church has become too small and during the time on the same site was built and larger churches. With the completion of the church 950th In the middle is placed the coffin with the body of St. Euphemia, who became the patron saint of the city. (The legend of St. Euphemia). Only...


Church of St. Thomas

The Church of St. Thomas can be reached by a bike trail along the railroad Rovinj - Kanfanar, 4 km northeast of Rovinj. The Romanesque church was built in the late 8th or in the beginnings of the 9th century and represents an extraordianry example of building technique of the Carolingian period. The church layout has a form of a Cross while the tower of the church was built later. In the 16th century...

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