Golden Cape Park Forest (Zlatni Rt)


The Golden Cape also known as Zlatni rt – is one of the most important park areas of our littoral with a peculiar beauty and a high esthetic, botanical value.

In the area of the Golden Cape forest park grow: Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis Mill.), Pinewood (Pinus brutia Ten.) and other pines. The autochthonous macchia (Orno-Quercetum ilicis H-i 1958) is a fundamental component of this park-forest, while the arboretum is divided into a wide number of different groups of trees (cedars, cobblestones, fir trees, cypresses).

A distinctive impression is given by the starry group of Himalayan cedars (Cedrus deodara (D.Don.) G.Don.) with interpolated downies (Pseudotsuga menziesii), beans (Abies vilmorinii) and various types of cypresses, located on the south side.

The park unit is harmoniously complemented by several meadow lawns.

Škaraba area complements to the Golden Cape. The imposing layers of plate-shaped blocks of limestone adjacent to the shore give this site a significant esthetic value.

At the very entrance to Škaraba it can be found a group of duglays, pines, and the groups of old pine trees and autochthonous macchia.

The total area of the Golden Cape (Zlatni rt) park forest is 71,418 ha.

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