Pulari Island


Pulari island is a small unhabited island located on the southeast from Rovinj vis-a-vis the camping site Polari. Local inhabitants also call it – “Škojo de Rigi”. The islands area is 19.383 square meters.

The approach to the Polari island is possible by boat and it s facilitated by the existing pier on the east side. It’s overgrown by Mediterranean macchia which is particularly impressive in the summer time when it’s over bloomed by yellow flowering bloom.

In the middle of the island there are remains of houses and arbor which once were used by the guardian of fishing.

Once there was an excessive number of rabbits that kept on reproducing on the island, and became a serious threat to the vegetation. Then it was taken to balance by the hunters.

Because of its incredible crystal clean water it’s very attractive to swimmers, who can enjoy the gravel and rocky beaches on the east side of the island.

On the western side of Pulari island you’ll enjoy the view of the open sea and the rocky beaches.

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