Grisia Street in Rovinj


Grisia or as the hosts call Grizia – is a small street in the old part of Rovinj, which leads to the Church of St. Euphemia. Grisia is well known for fine arts event that is held each year thats exhibit artists from all over the Croatia and Europe.

The beauty of this event in Grisia Street is that many academic artists, amateurs and even children expose it art.

Thousands of people visit Grisia each year and that why it is called “Atelier under the vault of heaven”.

The images are displayed on the walls of the street Grisia while hundreds of visitors roam the streets like ants.

Art exhibition on open “Grisia” started on summer 1967th year and since then is held every year on the first Sunday in August. Anyone who is reported in the morning report in Rovinj Heritage Museum as an exhibitor, can expose in this art exhibition.

In addition to the paintings on Grisia, you can see handmade jewelry, ceramics, indigenous Istrian souvenirs, some performance, or even a sculpture of a sculptor.

Because of the large number of galleries, studios and art exhibitions – Grisia is proclaimed as an „artist street“.

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