Saline, Cape St. Euphemia and the Bay Val Faborsa


Right before the entrance to the Lim channel (Lim fjord) within the tourist camp Valalta – there is the Saline bay. Infact, Saline Bay is sort of a lagoon with muddy ground, rich in flora and fauna.

The shallow marshy bay is the shelter and feeding habitat of birds, amphibians and rare water plants like the sea brule whose presents confirms the purity of the sea. The bay is part of the protected areas of Rovinj because of its valuable natural beauties and attraction for tourists.

All along the Saline bay, over the Rt Saint Euphemia (cape Saint Euphemia) and southward over the Punta Križ (cape Cross) there are situated beautiful beaches, mostly popular by nudists. The beaches are made of stone and gravel, easy accessible and mixed with the Mediterranean vegetation excellent for finding shade on the hot summer days.

Just a few hundred meters from the sea, there is a Votive Church of Saint Euphemia – a basilica built back in 1480.

Between the Cape Saint Euphemia and Cape Punta Križ there is the bay called Val Faborsa with its rocky beaches mixed with sandy sea floor what gives the bay a particular, special color and reflection. The curiosity of the Val Faborsa bay is that during the Roman time it was a saltwork.

Even today it is possible to see the remians of the satwork carved in the stone.

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