Red Island Crveni otok st Andrew Rovinj Croatia

Red Island – St. Andrew Island (Crveni otok)

Located south of the city of Rovinj, the Red Island (St. Andrew Island, Crveni otok) - is the biggest island of the Rovinj archipelago and represents an entity composed of 2 artificially connected islands: St. Andrew Island (Otok Sveti Andrija) and Maškin Island. The island is uninhabited and has an area of 0.233 square kilometers. It's lined up with the island of Maškin, Šturag, Saint Ivan, and...


Punta Križ (Cape Cross) bay

Punta Križ (Cape Cross) is one of the most beautiful bays on the territory of Rovinj and it's located near the campsite Amarin. This site is beloved by naturists. It's very reachable, with stone and gravel beaches mixed the Mediterranean vegetation which provides many places with tree shade. On the very end of the bay Punta Križ, there was a quarry so there is possible to see many flat rocks along...


Pulari Island

Pulari island is a small unhabited island located on the southeast from Rovinj vis-a-vis the camping site Polari. Local inhabitants also call it - "Škojo de Rigi". The islands area is 19.383 square meters. The approach to the Polari island is possible by boat and it s facilitated by the existing pier on the east side. It's overgrown by Mediterranean macchia which is particularly impressive in the...


Lim Fjord or Lim Channel

On the west coast of Istria near Rovinj, there is a deep sea bay called - Lim Fjord, Lim Bay or Lim Channel. Lim Fjord represents a flooded canyon valley in the karst. Its length is about 10 km, its average width is about 600 m and its maximum depth at the entrance is 33 m. Due to many submarine springs, the sea is reduced in salinity, and at the very top is almost sweet. Salinity varies with...


Gustinja Bay & Island

The Gustinja bay is located 7 kilometers southwards of Rovinj and northwards of the Cape Gustinja. It's a wild beach ideal for nudists and for those who prefer privacy. It has no additional facilities, only shingle, rocky beaches and crystal clean water. All along the beach grows the Mediterranean macchia with lot's of coastal oak trees, and in the summer time it's full of colorfull red fruits,...


Golden Cape Park Forest (Zlatni Rt)

The Golden Cape also known as Zlatni rt - is one of the most important park areas of our littoral with a peculiar beauty and a high esthetic, botanical value. In the area of the Golden Cape forest park grow: Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis Mill.), Pinewood (Pinus brutia Ten.) and other pines. The autochthonous macchia (Orno-Quercetum ilicis H-i 1958) is a fundamental component of this park-forest, while...


Banjole Island Underwater Caves

Banjole island is a small uninhabited island located west of the city of Rovinj. This island is also called „Seven hair“ island. Banjole island has only 100 meters in diameter and its well known because of its underwater network of caves that can be accessed only from the sea. The island is mainly covered by many wild plant and bird species such as seagulls. The cave is situated in the depth...


Rovinj Islands and Archipelago

The Rovinj islands and the coastal area represent a unique whole with an area of 1371,514 ha and stretches from the Cape of St. Ivana at the entrance to Lim Bay (Lim Fjord or channel), up to the settlement Barbariga, excluding the narrower city area. These natural scopes are proclaimed as „landscapes of outstanding value“. There are more than 20 islands and islets, while the coast is indented with...

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